Settlement in Sebastopol CVS Suit

Jul 2, 2014

This long-vacant corner in downtown Sebastopol will become the site of a new CVS drugstore, but one that is significantly different that what was initially proposed by the company, and approved by the city.

  For the past three years, Sebastopol has been embroiled in a heated debate over a proposed new drugstore development near the heart of downtown. The CVS project was approved by the city, then both parties were sued by a new grassroots group, the Committee for Small Town Sebastopol, and there has since been a lot of back and forth, mostly involving lawyers. That has now come to an end.

Bruce Robinson, talking with Helen Shane, co-founder of the Committee for Small Town Sebastopol. The settlement must also be affirmed by the city of Sebastopol before the deal is finalized, an action that is expected to follow soon.

The  smaller second building on the property, as shown on the proposed site map below, will not have a drive-through window. Chase Bank has withdrawn its commitment to that location, and a new occupant has not yet been identified.