SMART's First Railcars Arrive

Apr 6, 2015

They're here! The first two SMART cars have rolled out of the factory and arrived in Sonoma County. They are seen above during their cross-country trip to get here.
Credit SMART


The first phase of SMART's operations will run from the Santa Rosa Airport south to downtown San Rafael, leaving addition segments to be added at both ends of the line.
Credit SMART

   The public unveiling Tuesday morning in Cotati of the first SMART railroad cars is a significant milestone in the lengthy process of getting the new commuter line up and running.

In addition to these first two railcars, another dozen SMART cars are being built, and will be delivered over the next few months. The total price for all 14:  $57 million dollars. That’s a big number, but Fudge says it was a bargain.

While the tracks are mostly ready to go into service, the 10 passenger platforms along the line are only partially built. SMART spokesman Matt Stevens explains, that's a conscious choice.