Something Completely Blossomy With Roland Jaccopetti - Tonight at 8 pm

Jul 12, 2018

The flowers in my yard are just beautiful, but there's a cost for enjoying them - namely, that if you have any inclination toward asthma, hay fever, or other Spring- and Early-Summer-Related seasonal illnesses, here they are in spades, and not just in your yard, but up and down your street, blowing in the windows of the car and otherwise bringing on coughing, sneezing, spluttering, gasping and wheezing and all that stuff.

This is a show I put together in May, but one thing led to another, including hospitals and the surgeon's knife, so we're a little late. But one thing I've realized about flower songs is that most of the ones I found seemed to be about roses, as in Edith Piaf's La Vie En Rose, Sting's Desert Rose, Dan Fogelberg's Run for the Roses (as fast as you can, you might remember), Seal's Kiss from a Rose and so forth. Fortunately, all the Rose Fever is mitigated by The Grateful Dead's Sugar Magnolia, Eartha Kitt's Lilac Wine, and a few others.

So...wait until 8PM on July 13th (Oh, my God, Friday the 13th! NOW what'll we do?) and turn on the trusty radio to KRCB, FM 91.1, 90.9 or one of the other esoteric groupings of letters and numbers (remembering that the show ends at 10PM, leaving only two hours remaining of that scary Friday), plan those several bouquets of roses you picked up coming home from work and allow their odor to permeate the domicile, greet Her (or Him) with loving hugs and kisses, and listen to the flower songs (and, occasionally, my unobtrusive voice).

Oh, by the way, Friday the 27th of July will not be a Something Completely Different day, as Anna and I are taking a short vacation to the north of Rohnert Park. But S.C.D. next Friday, the 20th, will bid you farewell for a week with the mystery and romance of Songs about the Moon. Now don't be skeered - nuthin' gonna hurtcha.