Something Completely Medical - Friday 10/19 @ 8 pm

Oct 17, 2018

When:   Friday, October 19th at 8:00 pm

Where:  KRCB-FM Windsor, 91.1 and 90.9 in Santa Rosa (Wait a minute! WINDSOR!!?); streaming at; Comcast Cable channel 961; and the FREE KRCB App available in the App Store and Google Play. 

Under-the-weather music? Well, I sure hope that isn't what this program of health-related songs turns out to be. To help keep that from happening, I hereby remind all listeners and readers that you music lovers who catch this show on Friday the 19th, 8 to 10 PM are being magically protected from all ailments but...I say, BUT...if you abandon this tried-and-true selection of health songs, you risk severe malaise. Got it?

Classic sick-and-well songs are found in traditional Blues music, selections like Bobby Bland's St. James Infirmary, Lightnin' Hopkins's epic I've Had My Fun If I Don't Get Well No More, and Dr. Feelgood, by the matchless Irma Thomas. But, within the short span of two hours, we'll go far from this genre, with show-stoppers like Loudon Wainwright III's Hospital Lady, Richard Thompson's 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, and who could neglect Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk by Pink Floyd? See? Remember what I said about magical protection? So...don't you feel much better right now than you did before you started reading this persuasive bid for radio listeners?

Before I sign off, I want to dangle a mysterious piece of information before you. In just a few short weeks, I'll be presenting a series of Something Completely Differents based on my own life and all the multifold material that's entered my ears in the form of music during this vast amount of time on earth. Hah! Got your attention, didn't it? More...later. Exclusively...on KRCB-FM, A.K.A.