Sonoma County’s Climate Change Vulnerabilities

Mar 12, 2015

Limiting the extent of climate change remains a priority for Sonoma County. But we should be preparing to live with it, too. A new report examines the hazards that need to be addressed.

  Deanne DiPietro, another co-author of the Climate Ready Sonoma County report, is a climate change scientist with the California Landscape Conservation Cooperative. She hopes that this new document will help people to be more pro-active and feel a bit more hopeful about the future.

Work is now getting started on a second phase of this project, which is expected to take another two years.  Lisa Micheli of Pepperwood Preserve describes what will come next.

The full Climate Ready Sonoma County report is posted online here (with the sources, a 78 page pdf). Information about the Regional Climate Adaptation Forum can be found here.