Sonoma Dance Beat's April Foolery. Hear about it Mar. 31 at 1 pm. Event on April 1st!

Mar 28, 2016

Royal Jelly Jive

Band members from Royal Jelly Jive and Lost Dog Found and Ann Hutchinson from the Sonoma County Dance Beat will join Midday Music host Doug Jayne on Thursday, March 31 at 1 pm to play music and talk about the upcoming music event April Foolery, April 1st, 8 pm-midnight.

Sonoma County Dance Beat is presenting April Foolery, to celebrate its second year and fund its third. It’s going to be a horn-lover’s paradise, topped off with award-winning boogie woogie keys. Because it’s April Fools, because the bands, like the two above, are outrageously good, and because it’s just plain fun — and Halloween and Mardi Gras are too far away — guests are invited to Jesterize! That’s accessorizing with clash, not class. Get your jester on. The most outrageous costume wins a prize, as do the King of Clash and the Queen of Clash! Find  out more about the event here: