Speakers at 'Just Recovery' Meeting Emphasize Workforce Issues and 'WUI'

Aug 1, 2018

Soon after the fires burned Coffey Park, signs of hope appeared. Now, many families in the neighborhood are rebuilding, while others have been forced to put their cleared lots on sale.
Credit Diane Askew

After the devastating October wildfires, communities across the North Bay are grappling with how to rebuild in a way that is fair, just and efficient.  Several community organizations, working under the umbrella of the Alliance for a Just, Equitable and Sustainable Recovery and Rebuild, hosted a meeting on July 19 to talk about using the reconstruction efforts to improve the lives of all North Bay residents.

We also hear about the perils of building at the wildland urban interface, or WUI, where fires have historically been part of the life of the land.

Reporter Adia White has more on the ideas that several speakers shared during this meeting.