Sugarloaf Park benefit concerts squeezed by attendance cap

Aug 18, 2015

Guitarist Volker Strifler performed with his band at the Funky Friday concert at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park last week.
Credit Lynda Wilson

  The imposition of a strict limit on how many people can attend the fund-raising Funky Friday concerts at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park has left the future of the highly successful events in jeopardy.

The central issue beneath the procedural snafu is one of capacity—how many people can attend the concerts without harming the park environment? Bill Meyers, a lead organizer of the Funky Friday events sees a huge variance between the fixed seating in the park amphitheater and the crowds that the space has been accommodating.

The last few concerts of this summer's season will be held as scheduled, but with attendance limited to the first 125 people to arrive.

The amphitheater at Sugarloaf Ridge holds far more concert-goers than the wooden benches alone could accomodate.