Talking Rock Climbing with Kevin Jorgeson

Jan 16, 2015

Kevin Jorgeson

  Over the past three weeks, Sebastopol resident Kevin Jorgeson  has gone from fame among rock climbers to international acclaim. But his unprecedented free climb of El Capitan’s Dawn Wall was something that he and climbing partner Tommy Caldwell were already preparing for when Jorgeson talked with KRCB back in April of 2010. In honor of his new accomplishment, we reprise that interview now.

Note the pad on the ground below Jorgeson as he climbs

   This sort of extreme rock climbing isn’t just about steep, near vertical ascents. Sometimes, as in critical portions of the Dawn Wall ascent, the routes become almost horizontal. Kevin explains how that’s done.

Bouldering, by comparison, is a low altitude endeavor, with minimal equipment required.