Tall Ships Return to Bodega Bay

Apr 11, 2016

Looking up from the deck of the Lady Washington one sees the complex network of rigging that controls the ship's sails.
Credit Bruce Robinson

  They’re back! After a four-year absence, a pair of tall-masted wooden sailing ships will sail back into Bodega Bay Wednesday for a 5-day stay, offering public tours and excursions.

Chief mate Matthew Cullan on the bridge of the Lady Washington.

  The Lady Washington’s companion vessel is actually older, and an original. The builder synthesized elements from several different historic ships to create the Hawaiian Chieftain, explains first mate Matthew Callen, but the first impression most modern observers have is “pirate ship.”


The onboard experience for visitors to the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain is presented with as much historic authenticity as possible, including the nautical language and terminology of the era, which can be disorienting to newcomers.  

The  two tall ships will spend five days in Bodega Bay before sailing north to their next port of call, in Eureka. While here they will offer dockside tours in the afternoons, pus a pair of battle cruises on the outer bay on the weekend. Information and tickets for all these events can be found here.