Thais Nye Derich and Cathy Langlois featured this week on A Novel Idea

Jul 27, 2017


Thais Nye Derich

July 30th on A Novel Idea:  

Suzanne M. Lang talks with Thais Nye Derich about her path of self-examination and learning to discover that she, like many other women, was a victim of the medical establishment that denied her the human right of birthing her own child. Second Chance, A Mother’s Quest for a Natural Birth after Cesarean is not just a book about childbirth, but about control over our own lives and simply, about being human.  

Cathy Langlois

Also featured is a conversation with Cathy Langlois, director of the Spirit Horse Center in Northern California who has written Enlighten Up, Practical Wisdom & Spiritual Guidance for an Imperfect World.  

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