Unethical Postal Real Estate Sales

Sep 18, 2013

The US Postal Service has been saddled by Congress with an enormous debt, one that they are now trying to shrink by selling off valuable properties across the country. But a closer look at those deals raises more questions than proceeds.

According to investigative reporter Peter Byrne of Petaluma, author of the new e-book Going Postal (currently available only from Amazon), the bargain basement pricing and cronyism that taints many of the recent sales of former Post Office properties is hardly the only problem with the transactions. In some cases, what happens after the sale is just as dubious.


Read an introductory chapter of Going Postal here.

Peter Byrne

All this is taking place amidst a climate of misinformation that enshrouds the U.S, Postal Service.  Even setting aside the huge pension pre-payment issue, critics often charge that the Post Office is losing money due to the rise of email and the Internet. Byrne says that’s not exactly the case.