This Week, Roland Presents Thanks, Music Makers - Disc 1 on Friday at 8 pm

Nov 22, 2018

John Renbourn
Credit Barney Britton / Redferns / via NPR

Yes, I was looking quite perplexed, and my wife asked me what the matter was. I said (more or less), "I'm trying to put together a worthwhile Something Completely Different show for Thanksgiving, and I seem to have drawn a blank. What to do, Anna, What-To-Do? "That's easy," said she, "Do one reflecting your own thanks for all the great music you've received through the years. By the way, when did you get your first recording?" "It was during World War II," I answered, before I could stop myself, "My uncle Ed went off to war (he made it to Virginia), and fortunately came back with a wife and not a grievous wound. Before he left, he gave me his windup 78RPM phonograph. I loved it, and at the end of the conflict, I sadly returned it." "Well," said Anne, "tell all the songsters from all those years how much you loved their gifts to you." "Wonderful!" I exulted, "I'll do it!"

So, I went to work, and before I came to my senses I had not one, not two, but three completely different programs. So #1 will be played on November 23 and #2 on November 30th. Then I realized that #3 would then fall on December 7th, the date that World War II started, so I scheduled a commemorative show for the 7th, and #3 on December 14th.

On November 23, I'll be playing music from John Renbourn, Kate Wolf, The Duke & The King, Stacey Earle, Gillian Welch and Tracy Grammer, to name but a few. Hey, I just had another idea. I'll think of these great songs as another kind of Thank You - - Thank You to all you folk out there in FM-land, who'll enjoy...well...a lot of these songs...I hope. Thanks, folks!