Wet Winter is Bad News for Tomales Bay Oysters

Apr 11, 2017

Point Reyes Oyster Company manager Whittaker Strain says oyster harvesting this past winter has been rough.
Credit Tiffany Camhi

The winter storms that drenched Northern California and brought much of the state out of the drought have been a good thing for most of us. But for oyster farmers in Tomales Bay, lots of rain means lots of closures. KRCB’s Tiffany Camhi visited one oyster company to check on the health of their oysters and their business. 

Even though the storms have shut down harvesting operations for several weeks at Point Reyes Oyster Company you can still enjoy lot of varieties of its Tomales Bay farmed oysters and other shellfish at its storefront, Bodega Bay Oyster Company, in West Sonoma County.