What It Is? CD of the week, that's what!

Feb 15, 2019

The Texas singer-songwriter is back with his sixth album "What It Is", a collection of tunes that return Hayes to the witty lyricism we've come to love.

The sparse 2016 release "Lovers and Leavers" dealt with his divorce, missing much of the wry insight that infused his earlier work.  But "What It Is" is full of rollicking fun and sharp insight. From "NoneYa", a song written for Allison Moorer, his fiancee and co-producer, making the case for being present for your partner, to "Jesus and Elvis",  the velvet/neon rememberance of friends past and present, love abides.

"American Dream" and "Fragile Men" shine a light on living in the USA in the late 2010's.

Hayes will be performing at the Great American Music Hall May 2nd.  You can hear "What It Is" on KRCBFM91.