Emerging from the economic consulting and the tech sector, Jaime B. Hansen aims to inspire and empower women through videos, speaking and speaking out; her latest book is Expanding the Conversation.   

The April 15th deadline for filing 2016 income tax returns applies to all American, including President Trump. It is also serving as an occasion for renewed calls for him to make public his past tax documents.

More information about State Sen. Mike McGuire's SB 149 can be found on his website. Read the full text of the bill here.

Debunking the Idea of "Reverse Racism"

Apr 11, 2017

Whether its unconscious or overt, racism remains a sensitive issue in America. But the idea of “reverse racism” isn’t an inversion of that—it’s an example. A free public gathering to examine and debunk that idea is happening in Santa Rosa this Wednesday night.

Bad News, Good Energy at Health Care Town Hall

Mar 13, 2017

A fired up crowd eager to defend the Affordable Care Act filled the Marin Civic Center, to hear a panel led by Congressman Jared Huffman detail the problems they foresee in the new, Republican-sponsored alternative.

While much of the testimony focused on the anticipated harms that would befall the North Bay should the Affordable Care Act be replaced with “TrumpCare,” Marin County Director of Health and Human Services Grant Colfax also noted that the Republican alternative would also slash funding for health care at the national level.

Indivisible in Sonoma County

Feb 22, 2017

Activists and citizens in Sonoma County seeking to oppose the Trump administration are finding support and gleaning tactics from the Indivisible Guide, and the local chapters that are promulgating it.

A key to the growth of participation in local Indivisible groups—now estimated at more than 1500 people county-wide—is how it is structured to allow a gradual entry, observes  Rebecca Hachmeyer from the Petaluma group.


   Is it possible to fight poverty and climate change at the same time? The answer is emphatically yes, and Rocky Rohwedder has examples to prove it.

  Rohwedder, who has now retired from his position at Sonoma State, found some important allies in his Ecological Handprints project. One was South African Bishop Desmond Tutu, who wrote an introduction for the book. Others included top-flight photographers who donated their images.

H.U.T.S to Shelter the Homeless

Nov 22, 2016
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

Sebastopol artist Harold Wallin had a vision for a simple but solid shelter for homeless individuals. Now he’s leading a team of volunteers who are building ten of them. But where they will go remains to be determined.

Anti-Nuke Activists Reunite, Reflect

Oct 31, 2016
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

When local opposition scuttled plans for an atomic energy plant on Bodega head in the early 1960s, the seeds were sown for subsequent no-nukes protests throughout California and beyond. Members of the Abalone Alliance, an early protest group, reunited in the coastal town over the weekend, to review their shared past, and consider their part in shaping a nuclear-free energy future.

Calls Are Mounting to Restrict Glyphosate

Oct 13, 2016

Thanks in large part to the widespread use of genetically modified corn, soy and other crops, herbicides containing glyphosate are being more widely used than ever before. At the same time, new concerns about the health and environmental damage that the chemical causes are prompting calls to restrict it.

Exhibit Highlights Disability Rights Activism

Oct 12, 2016

Almost 40 years ago, an unprecedented sit in at the Federal Building in San Francisco helped launch the nationwide disability rights movement.  A special exhibit coming to SRJC details that historic turning point.

The mid-70s were a time when political activism was gaining momentum among people with disabilities, recalls Stan Kosloski, driven in large part by a change in the way they viewed themselves.

A Life of Progressive Activism

Jul 28, 2016

Sonoma County has long been home to a fervent and persistent community of progressive political activists. One of them is now telling his personal story in a new autobiographical account of nearly four decades of dissent and protest.

  Like many longtime political activists, Fagin began organizing and protesting while in high school. But, he recalls, that came after he learned to question and understand his own thoughts and feelings about the issues that moved him.

Fugett Takes the Helm at Conservation Action

Jun 15, 2016

The new head of Sonoma County’s leading environmental advocacy group says she’s spent her life so far preparing for that job.

In addressing many important issues, says Sonoma County Conservation Action's new Executive Director, Kerry Fugett, it's important to keep a focus on the underlying factors that are driving them.

  Accordingly, Fugett says, efforts to rein in urban sprawl need to redirect new housing into vacant or underutilized lands within existing city limits.

Protesters Question SoCal Fracking Resumption

May 26, 2016
Center for Biological Diversity

  A proposal to reinstate fracking for oil and natural gas in federal waters off the Southern California coast drew protesters to Camarillo earlier this week. Suzanne Potter explains why the clean water advocates are upset. 

Rev. Billy Ramps Up His Environmental Evangelism

Apr 24, 2016

  The Rev. Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir have intensified their act from anti-consumerism street theater to impassioned activism in defense of the earth. Their faux evangelism carries a real and urgent message.

Capping a whirlwind week of Earth Day events around northern California, the Rev. Billy brings his message to Sebastopol on Monday, April 25 at Many Rivers Books and Tea. See event details

Sebastopol’s Village Building Convergence Resumes

Apr 17, 2016

  The Sebastopol Village Building Convergence is underway for a second and more extensive time, with an increased focus on neighborhood projects and informational programs.

A full schedule of events for the current Convergence can be found here (scroll down for event details).

The History of Women’s History Month

Mar 2, 2016


  It is Women’s History Month again, as it has been every March since 1988. But the roots of that national observation reach back even further, to 1977, when they first sprouted here in Sonoma County.

The Project also got some extra love from Congressman Mike Thompson this week, along with some local honorees. Congratulations to all.

An Insider’s History of the Black Panthers

Feb 5, 2016

The Black Panthers may have been the most polarizing political movement in 1960s America. Current Santa Rosa resident Elbert “Big Man” Howard was one of their founding members, and recounts some of the group’s early history in today’s report. 

Big Man Howard is also interviewed in the recent documentary film, The Black Panthers: Vanguard of The Revolution (see the trailer below). He’ll be on hand to answer questions following a free public screening of the film at the Rialto Cinemas in Sebastopol, Monday night at 7 pm

Local Granges Face Unwanted Identity Choice

Jan 25, 2016

  From the outside, it looks like business as usual at local grange halls across northern California. But a bitter internal power struggle between the state and national offices is forcing each community group to choose sides.

  The 180 local granges in California have a long history that added an unexpected new chapter in recent years, as younger and progressive new members infused fresh energy and activism into a number of formerly moribund chapters. That political advocacy has been embraced strongly within the Sebastopol Grange, says local leader Lawrence Jaffee.

Pressing for Action on Homelessness

Jan 19, 2016
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  The drama of Monday’s overnight  “Solidarity Sleep-Out” to raise awareness of homelessness in Sonoma County became a multifaceted discussion of the issue on Tuesday.  

  Events such as those of the past two days not only raise awareness about the issues of homelessness, they also serve to combat inaccurate stereotypes about the people who are shelterless, and how they wound up in that state, notes Georgia Berland, Executive Director of the Sonoma County Task Force on the Homeless.

John Trudell, 1946-2015

Dec 10, 2015

John Trudell, who died Tuesday, was a poet, a soldier, a musician, and an outspoken activist for Native American issues. He spoke with KRCB during a North Bay visit several years ago, and today we revisit that archival North Bay Report.

Eloquent, impassioned and powerful, Trudell's words were his greatest strength, even in his music vidoes. See two examples below.

Supervisors Back Revised Living Wage Ordinance

Dec 8, 2015
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  After five months of further study, and a bit of tinkering, Sonoma County Supervisors have lined up behind a new Living Wage Ordinance for the firms and non-profits that contract with the county.

Supervisors Susan Gorin and James Gore comprised the Ad Hoc committee that spent much of the past several months studying and discussion the Living Wage Ordinance with a host of stakeholders. It was time well spent, says Gorin.

Wolf Protection Plan Criticized

Dec 4, 2015
Calif. Dept. of Fish and Gam

  With Gray Wolves once again ranging--in very small numbers--across parts of Northern California, a plan for managing the species has been drafted and is now open for public comment. But, as Suzanne Potter reports, wildlife advocates see serious flaws in that proposal.

Homeless Encampment Relocates

Nov 17, 2015
Bruce Robinson, KRCB News

  After 10 weeks in a parking lot next to the empty former offices of theSonoma County Water Agency, a camp of more than two dozen homeless adults made a hasty move move to a new, and much smaller site Tuesday.

Confronting Cyberbullying

Oct 27, 2015

As bullying behaviors have moved from the schoolyard to cyberspace, a coordinated response is needed to combat it. But empowering kids on the frontline remains a potent antidote.

Sustainability and the Next Generation

Oct 21, 2015

Wednesday was Sustainability Day at Sonoma State, but the keynote speaker for the event warned that attaining “full spectrum sustainability” will require long-term and sweeping changes in all areas of modern life.

There is no question that confronting climate change is a political challenge, says David Orr. But it is less about elections, and more about recreating a way of governance that rests on fairness and balance, rather than dominance and profits.

Activism as a Key to Improving Latinos’ Health

Oct 15, 2015

  Improving community health requires political participation. That was the theme of this year’s Latino Health Conference, which used the Portrait  of Sonoma County as its starting point.

At the Forum, Dr. George Flores from the California Endowment also noted the critical importance of reaching out to the current generation of Latino youth.

  One way to increase such engagement, suggested Oscar Chavez, is to take a cross-generational approach.

Strike Vote Next Week for SSU Faculty

Oct 14, 2015
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

The California State University system got a 10% boost in its budget this year—a $ 269 million increase—so the faculty statewide are pushing hard for a 5% salary increase. The administration has drawn a line at 2%, leaving the two sides at impasse, and a strike vote set for next week.

SSU professor Andy Merrifield, a member of the CFA’s statewide bargaining team, has been down this road before. But this time he says, the stakes are higher—and he believes the level of public support for the faculty is, too.

One Woman’s War on Plastic Litter

Sep 14, 2015
Heather Itzal

  Local parks are a popular place to escape the stress of urban life. But they’re not always free from urban problems… like litter. Litter in our parks and neighborhoods has become something of an obsession for one Marin county woman….and she’s on the quest to not only keep it at bay…but keep it out of the San Francisco Bay. Katie McMurran has the story.

Noted Civil Rights Activist Dies in Santa Rosa

Aug 20, 2015
Doug Hostetter

  George Houser was an early and  influential civil rights advocate who had lived quietly in Santa Rosa for the past six years until his death, early Wednesday. We remember him today with excerpts from his interview with KRCB in 2010.

Banning Bids to Label GMO Foods

Aug 5, 2015

Grass-roots campaigns to require labeling of foods with genetically modified ingredients could be overruled by a Congressional measure that would prohibit them nationwide. That bill has passed the lower house by a wide margin, but still faces a fight in the Senate.

  Supporters of HR 1599 are portraying it as a “voluntary GMO labeling bill.”  Attorney Andrew Kimbrell of the Center for Food Safety, acknowledges that there is language to that effect in the measure, but contends it was drafted to be ineffective.