Dave Davies speaks with Beth Macy. She spent years speaking with dealers, users, doctors, cops, and judges in central Appalachia, which she calls the birthplace of the modern opioid epidemic. She also spoke with parents who lost children to overdoses and became activists in the fight for better treatment. Beth Macy’s new book is Dopesick. Join Us.

• An opioid prescription database that was supposed to be a required part of physician practice two years ago still isn’t ready to use. Patient advocates say it’s costing lives.

• We’re still waiting for word from Gov. Jerry Brown about whether he’ll agree to President Trump’s request to deploy California National Guard troops to the Mexican border. What would Trump's options be if Brown says no?

Today's reporting by Sammy Caiola and Ben Adler.

Synthetic Opioid is an Overdose Threat

Nov 14, 2016

The epidemic of opioid addiction across America has triggered a surge in the use of other, related drugs, including heroin, and it’s more potent synthetic relative, fentanyl. That’s a trend that may now be reaching into Sonoma County.