SAY, Supporters Getting Ready for ‘One Cold Night’

Oct 29, 2016

Social Advocates for Youth’s new Dream Center in northeast Santa Rosa opened its doors last spring, and saw its available beds for homeless youth filled immediately. Now they are staging an unusual pubic event to call attention to the needs they are working to serve.

Living With Parkinson's Disease

Apr 4, 2016

  Living with Parkinson’s Disease isn’t easy, but sometimes the progression of the neuro-degenerative disease can be slowed down for years. We hear from someone who is doing that on today’s North Bay Report.

For most people, getting a Parkinson’s diagnosis would be devastating news. But his case, says Evan henry, was a little different.

  Exercise is widely considered one of the most effective responses to Parkinson’s Disease, says Henry. And that can take many forms. 

California Faulted for Underspending on Anti-smoking Efforts

Dec 21, 2015

  Tobacco advertising in California dwarfs state-funded anti-smoking efforts, something that health advocacy groups are mobilizing to change. Suzanne Potter has more.

Green Energy Advocacy Groups Consolidate

Jun 16, 2015

  The former Climate Protection Campaign is now the Center for Climate Protection, but that’s not all that’s changed for them. The busy non-profit has also moved into new, more visible offices in downtown Santa Rosa, and is expanding a bit as well.

The combined organizations are holding at open house at their new quarters between 4th and 5th streets next Thursday afternoon. See details here.

'Gluten-free' Labeling Standards Now In Effect

Aug 8, 2014

  Nearly 10 years in the making, new FDA rules governing what is required for products to be labeled as “gluten-free” took effect this week. That’s become a popular dietary preference for many consumers, but for some, it can literally be a matter of life and death.

The Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California has more information about the gluten-free labeling issue on their website.

Holding a Shared Vision of a Peaceful World

Aug 4, 2014


The biggest obstacle to peace in the world is fear, contends progressive Rabbi Michael Lerner. And that includes the fear that others may not share the desire to see that transformation take hold.

Rabbi Lerner will speak at 7 pm Friday at Shomrei Torah in Santa Rosa. His talk is open to all at no charge, but anyone planning to attend is asked to RSVP to the temple at 578-5519, by the end of the day Wednesday.

Flickr user Russ

Despite having one of the lowest rates of child abuse in the state, child abuse remains a huge problem in Sonoma County. According to the most recent numbers from the group Prevent Child Abuse-Sonoma County, last year there were more than 5000 reports of child abuse and nearly 200 kids were removed from unsafe homes. 

SAY Hosts Cold-weather Dream Walk

Dec 5, 2013

More than a thousand young people spend their nights outside and homeless in Sonoma County every night, and 85% of them were born or raised here. To call attention to their situation, Social Advocates for Youth is hosting a special event they’re calling a Youth Dream Walk tomorrow night in downtown Santa Rosa. Bruce Robinson talks about it with SAY’s Cat Cvengros on today’s Exchange segment.

The Legacy of Polly Klaas

Oct 2, 2013

 In the aftermath of the shocking abduction and murder of 12 year old Polly Klaas, two foundations emerged to keep her name alive while helping other kids and their families. But they don’t see eye to eye.

Revisiting the Rules for Medical Marijuana

Jun 19, 2013

When Sonoma County supervisors unexpectedly considered sharp reductions in how much medical marijuana patients could legally possess, they re-ignited a debate that continues to simmer up and down the length of California. Bruce Robinson has an update on the issue in Sonoma County.