alternative fuels

Preparing for Life Beyond Coal, Oil and Gas

Jul 27, 2015

  Remaining oil, gas and coal reserves are dirtier and harder to extract. So why aren’t we being more protective of these dwindling resources? That’s what Richard Heinberg wants to know, as Bruce Robinson’s interview with him continues.

See Richard Heinberg elaborate on what he calls “The Great Burning,” in the video below:

Hybrid Trucks Deliver Small But Growing Market Share

Mar 30, 2015

  Over the past 15 years, Hybrid cars have become a familiar presence on California’s roads and highways, but they are just beginning to be joined by hybrid delivery trucks.

Charging Electric Cars on the Califonria Coast

Jun 9, 2014

  There are 58,000 electric vehicles on the road in California now, and their number has been doubling every year. That’s still a small share of the total, but it does represent a growing market that looks like an opportunity to a North Bay entrepreneur.

Dale Miller, President of the Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association, notes that having more charging stations in more locations is another factor helping to boost EV sales.

The U.S. Navy’s ‘Green Fleet’

Mar 18, 2013

 Strong leadership in the development of renewable bio-fuels is coming from an unexpected branch of American government—the US Navy.

From sails to oil to steam to nuclear power, the US Navy has a history of adapting quickly to changes in energy systems. It’s something they are continuing today, in response to both climate change, and rising fuel oil costs. And not just at sea.