Falcon Kites a New Tool to Protect Vineyards

Jun 12, 2017

Falcons are a proven deterrent to the birds than can raid and damage ripening grapes.  Now a North Bay innovator with a background in bird management  is promoting a look-alike kite to do the same job.

Roger Snow of Falcon Crop Management, the new company he has formed to promote the Falcon Fright Kites, believes they are a far more effective --and economical--deterrent than any of the commonly used alternatives that are currently available.

Audible Evidence of Climate Change

Sep 14, 2016
Kat Krause

  Audio ecologist Bernie Krause has been capturing the sounds of the natural world for decades. But the changes he hears in those recordings now carry a clear and worrisome message.

  The Animal Orchestra exhibit at the Parisian Fondation Cartier museum is an immersive experience that occupies the entire facility, marvels Bernie Krause, as he offers a partial description of it.

The entire enterprise has been an unexpected success, Krause says, both for him personally and for the museum.

Monitoring California’s Black Oystercatchers

Jun 25, 2016

  Black Oystercatchers are distinctive, but not numerous. So these hardy shorebirds are being monitored by naturalists and citizen scientists to see how they are affected by sea level rise and other environmental factors.

Sonoma County Bird Census Nears Completion

Dec 24, 2015
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

 The National Audubon Society’s 116th annual Christmas Bird count is now underway. And so is their every five-year  census of the bird species that live and breed in Sonoma County.  The leaders of that effort explain how it works in this archival North Bay Report from last March. Their most recent effort is now in its final stages.

The birds’ behavior offers clues as to whether they are nesting nearby or not, says Madrone Audubon Society President Gordon Beebe.

Feeding Birds In Your Backyard? Time to Quit

Aug 14, 2015
Flickr user Scott Paterson (Creative Commons)

Have a bird feeder in your yard? You might want to get rid of it. On today's North Bay Report KRCB looks at the effects of bird feeding to find that it might be doing more harm than good. 

Mystery Goo Slimes Bay Birds

Jan 20, 2015
Cheryl Reynolds, International Bird Rescue

Scores of seabirds, coated with a strange, unidentifiable goo, have been found since Friday around San Francisco Bay. Most have been cleaned up and will survive, but the source of the problem remains unknown.

The California King Tide Project

Jan 19, 2015
Jeff Poskanzer

  The highest tides of the winter are rolling up on the Pacific Coast today, and the California King Tides Project is watching them with an eye toward the future.

There will be another, slightly lower series of King tides next month, on Feb. 17th  & 18th.  Information about uploading pictures to the California King Tides Project is posted on their website. There's a further explanation of the project in the video below.

Fewer birds in North Bay skies

Sep 18, 2014

  Climate change and habitat loss are threatening the survival of hundreds of North American bird species. And local birding observers say, the numbers of numerous familiar birds are already visibly declining in the North Bay’s skies.

  The Pacific flyway along the North coast is a vital corridor for many larger birds of prey, but Susan Kirks, past president of the Madrone Audubon Society, says that as a group, they are among the most threatened species that traverse this region.

Nature, Viewing Devices Converge at Optics Fair

Sep 12, 2014

  Nature protectors, nature watchers, and the makers of tools for their observations will all converge in Sonoma on Sunday. It’s the 3rd annual Wine Country Optics Fair, and today we hear from one of the event’s founders about what you might find there.

Admission is free at the Wine Country Optics Fair on Sunday at Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma.  Find additional details here or see the flyer below.

Groups seek to return condors to the North Coast

Jun 18, 2014
All images courtesy C. West, Yurok Tribe.

For the Yurok Native Americans of the North Coast, few animals are as sacred as the California condor. Returning from the brink of extinction, California condors are expanding their range. The North Coast is poised to be next.  

"They haven’t really been seen in this area for 100 years," says Tiana Williams, a biologist and Yurok tribal member, "but they figure heavily in our stories and feature heavily in our world renewal ceremonies."

Mobilizing Online in Defense of Ravens

May 22, 2014

  The power of social media and the Internet can be a remarkable thing. One current example is a local woman—someone well-known to KRCB listeners—who has used the web to mobilize bird lovers nationally and world-wide, in defense of threatened ravens in southern Idaho. 

Click here to learn more about the campaign to protect ravens in Idaho. To see or sign Michele’s petition, go here.

Drought Threatens Wildlife, Too

Feb 24, 2014

Drought affects far more than human endeavors—it also poses some severe consequences for wildlife in our region, which in turn can have impacts on us.

  WildCare maintains a clinic for wildlife, and they are getting ready for an extra busy season between April and August. This is the time each year, notes the Marin County non-profit’s Allison Hermance, when animal young are born and maturing—and when getting enough water is critical to their survival.

Drones Over Tomales Bay

Dec 16, 2013

There were government-sponsored drones in the air over Tomales Bay last week, but they were armed only with cameras to count wintering waterfowl.

The annual waterfowl surveys—usually conducted in early January—are used, in part to set the limits for duck hunting each year. But biologist Orein Richmond of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, says the information gathered has numerous other uses as well.

Poisoning Mice on the Farallones

Aug 27, 2013

  The number of options for getting rid of the mice that cover the Farallon Islands is shrinking, but the controversy over that plan is not. KRCB’s Bruce Robinson reports that it’s now down to applying one of a pair of poisons, or conceding that the mice are there to stay.

There will be a public hearing on the EIS for the island at Fort Mason in San Francisco on Thursday, August 29  from 6 to 8 p.m. Aug. 29 in the General's Residence.