Host:           Greg Dalton 

Guests:       Caroline Choi, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Southern California Edison       

      Andreas Klugescheid, Head of Steering Government and External Affairs, Sustainability       Communications, BMW Group   

     Catherine Reheis-Boyd, President, Western States Petroleum Association

Sonoma Hams Plan Radio Field Day

Jun 21, 2017

For over 100 years, amateur or “Ham” radio has been a hobby for people from pre-teens to seniors. This weekend, the American Radio Relay League will sponsor a field day to celebrate and promote ham radio. Sonoma County Radio Amateurs – representing the area's nearly 25-hundred licensed operators – will host the event in Santa Rosa.

'Homeless Talk' Opening Conversations in Santa Rosa

Sep 27, 2016

What do the people of Santa Rosa think about homelessness in their city? A series of facilitated public conversations is about to get started in an effort to gauge public opinion—and ideas.

Each of the planned gatherings (see a partial schedule here) will open with a short informational video about their purpose and intentions. You can preview it below.

  Are landline telephones going the way of the phone booth? It's a question the California legislature is examining, as Suzanne Potter reports.

A Net Neutrality Victory for Consumers

Feb 5, 2015

  In an industry dominated by a very few big corporations, the FCC’s new move to support net neutrality may restore some balance, and reflects widespread public demand that their interests be protected.

Community Policing Task Force Recommendations

Dec 14, 2014

Asked to suggest ways to help local law enforcement be more effective and accountable, a citizen task force is calling for more diversity, better training, and improved communications with the people they serve.

The full text of the seven recommendations from the Community Policing subcommittee can be found here.

Recognizing Micro-aggressions

Nov 17, 2014

  Overt racism is on the decline, but in its place has arisen something that is more subtle and often unconscious. The term for it is “micro-aggression.”

  Much of the time, suggests Santa Rosa psychologist  Dr. Marco Lopez, casual “micro-aggressions” are more  thoughtless than intentionally disparaging.

But the person on the receiving end of such remarks, Lopez continues, is going to recognize their hurtful nature, even if the speaker doesn’t.

Community Media Center Enters New Era

Sep 19, 2013

  Having narrowly survived Santa Rosa’s budget axe, the city’s media center is charting a new course as an entrepreneurial and financially independent non-profit.

  More information about the programs, classes, and production facilities offered at the new CMedia Labs can be found on their website, which also features the introductory video embedded below.

Jail Phone Costs Questioned

Aug 22, 2013

Telephone calls can be a jail inmate’s only remaining link to family and friends on the outside. But those calls are costly, and the critics contend the services they fund for prisoners shouldn’t mean less access to personal contacts.

The impulse to penalize jail inmates with fiscal barriers to outside communications is understandable, says Tracy Rosenberg of Media Alliance, but ultimately it is short-sighted, resulting in higher social costs.

Splitting the 415 Area Code

Jun 6, 2013


From 1947 to 1959, Sonoma County and points north were part of the 415 Area Code. Now that area—comprised of just Marin County and San Francisco— is again dealing with numerical growing pains, but now there are no more easy splits available.

  Even though any given area code can mathematically contain more than 6.8 million numbers, CPUC staffer Katherine Morehouse says the demand for new 415 area numbers is overtaking the remaining supply at an accelerating rate.


Personal Security App

Apr 8, 2013
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

Every second counts in an emergency, so a new cell phone app has been designed to expedite alerts to both emergency responders, and the people who most care about you. Bruce Robinson has details.

Initially created for personal use, variations on Guardian on the Go are now being developed for other applications, including retailers, explains Protego co-founder Ray Kryzek.