CPR Training in Junior Highs

Oct 12, 2013

  Junior High students across Sonoma County are getting trained in CPR, to boost the number of people prepared to respond when an emergency situation arises.

  The first of more than 40 instruction sessions at Sonoma County Junior High Schools was held Friday, and instructor Lauri McFadden is gearing up for a schedule she expects will intensify as the school year progresses.

A Challenging Year for Journalism

Sep 30, 2013

  2013 was a hard year for journalists and whistle-blowers, according to the annual assessment of Project Censored. Their new book of media critiques is ready for release, and KRCB’s Bruce Robinson has a preview.

  Throughout its 37 year history, Project Censored has been guided by a broad and inclusive definition of the word censored. But in the past year, notes Associate Director Andy Roth, some instances of journalistic suppression have been brutally direct.

Credo High School Struggles to Survive

Sep 24, 2013


   Two years after opening with a core group of 50 students Credo High has now just reached 100 students, significantly below their projections. That has left the Waldorf-styled charter school struggling to remain open, after surviving cash flow problems so severe they weren’t able to meet payroll six times last year. But there’s still hope, as Bruce Robinson reports.

Learning Empathy in the Barnyard

Sep 23, 2013
Forget-Me-Not Farm

Learning how to treat horses, chickens and sheep helps kids from troubled backgrounds develop compassion for more than animals.

Even though the program and philosophy at Forget-Me-Not Farm are unusual by almost any standard, executive Director and founder Carol Rathman says that, for the kids, visiting the farm is an infrequent dose of normalcy in their disrupted lives.


August to June

Sep 9, 2013

August to June, a documentary portrait of an open classroom grade school in west Marin, is both a showcase of contemporary alternative education, and an inspiration for public schools elsewhere.

August to June is being shown tonight on  KRCB Television, at 9 pm. You can see a trailer below:

Environmental Education for Teachers

Aug 11, 2013
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  As natural science and environmental education is increasing folded into lesson plans for students of all ages, the North Bay’s STRAW Project creates an annual learning opportunity for teachers.

You can find out more about the STRAW Project, and see a video about it's origins ( also featured on KRCB'S Natural Heroes) on their website.

Children’s Museum to Break Ground

Jun 3, 2013
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

First it was a dream. Then it was a campaign. Now the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County is becoming tangible, with the ground-breaking for an elaborate garden and outdoor learning center held over the weekend.


Entrepreneurship at Sonoma State

Jun 3, 2013

The new Entrepreneur in Residence at Sonoma State University hasn’t been residing there long, but he’s hoping to make his presence felt in short order. He spoke with KRCB's Bruce Robinson.

  Not everyone thinks they are entrepreneurial, yet Mark Nelson believes the seeds for that approach to life lie in each of us—and is it more necessary now than ever to nurture them.


A key part of the entrepreneurial spirit is a willingness to take chances, says Nelson, and in the new economy, that’s becoming increasingly essential.

Transition Nursing Care

May 20, 2013
SSU School of Nursing

Getting released from a hospitalization is only the first step; then you have to stay out. Care Transitions is a pilot program to help make that happen.

So, what does participation in the Transition Care program involve? Sue Pearce, a Manager of Care Management for Memorial Hospital, outlines the steps.

Spreading the Maker Movement

May 13, 2013
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  First there was MAKE magazine. Then there were the Maker Faires. And there’s still more making on the way. Bruce Robinson has a sampling. 

  Described as "The Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth," the 8th annual Bay Area Maker Faire will be held at the San Mateo Events Center May 18 & 19, 2013. Get more information here, or click here for tickets.

Planning Ahead at SRJC

May 8, 2013

Students at Santa Rosa Junior College may be headed for a university, training for a career, or simply taking classes for self-improvement. Meeting their disparate needs is just part of the strategic planning process currently underway at the JC. Bruce Robinson takes a closer look. 

  Many SRJC students have had little or no opportunity for foreign travel or exposures, notes college President Frank Chong. So part of the school’s planning involves recruiting students from abroad, to bring more international interactions to the local educational experience.

Living 'Books' Speak Sunday at Day Under the Oaks

May 1, 2013

Since 1978, Santa Rosa Junior College’s ‘Day Under the Oaks’ has attracted Sonoma County residents eager to discover the range of educational and cultural offerings at the college. This year organizers are trying something new, a collection of professionals, acting as "living books," eager to talk about their jobs. 

Project Censored Documentary

Apr 11, 2013
Hole in the Media Productions

Project Censored publishes a book each year, produces a weekly radio show, maintains an active website, has created several video projects, and is regularly featured in newspaper and magazine articles. Now it’s the subject of a documentary film as well. Bruce Robinson offers a preview.

Project Censored:  The Movie is being shown twice this week at the Sonoma International Film Festival, including a featured Friday evening screening at the Sebastiani Theater.

It's Not Just for Athletes -- Title IX Workshops at SSU

Mar 25, 2013
Image courtesy Sonoma State University

More than 40 years ago, in June 1972, President Nixon signed Title IX of the Education Amendments Act into law. On March 27, Sonoma State University is dedicating the day to Title IX with workshops and lectures about gender equality. KRCB’s Danielle Venton spoke with visiting lecturer Donna Lopiano for a preview.  

The Sonoma County Office of Education held its annual countywide spelling competitions earlier this month. Awards were given to the top four spellers in both the elementary and junior high events.

Elementary Spelling Competition: Fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-grade spellers competed in the annual Elementary Spelling Competition. The 19 participating students had previously won school and regional spelling bees, which made them eligible to compete for the title of county spelling champion.

"Tools as Art"

Mar 7, 2013
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  From paper Mache to a video installation, vise-grips and nails to a toilet seat, the "Tools As Art" exhibition  at the Sonoma County Museum mixes whimsy and practicality with dash of the inscrutable. Bruce Robinson offers a preview.

Know Your Rights On Campus

Feb 21, 2013
Flickr user sasastro.

Being questioned by a police officer can be a nerve-wracking experience. Civil rights advocates say it's important to know your legal rights and not give law enforcement more power than they're legally entitled to. A local group of community organizers and attorneys host occasional workshops to inform citizens about the legal system. Their most recent workshop, held yesterday, focused on rights within the educational system.

Danielle Venton for KRCB.

 From oven mitts, to satellites to self-driving cars... Sometimes it seems like everything that could be invented already has been. But as local kids are learning, as long as there are problems, possible solutions await them. Three students from Calistoga Elementary School recently won 1st place in an international competition for a creative solution to a problem they see everyday. KRCB's Danielle Venton has more.