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Boosting Gas Tax Not a Long-Term Road Repair Fix

May 3, 2017

In California, efforts to boost funding for road repairs are at odds with the concurrent goal of expanding electric vehicle usage. So how can these two needs co-exist?

EVs Circle the Globe in 80 Days

Oct 25, 2016
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

For his summer vacation his year, Alan Soule took a trip around the world—literally—behind the wheel of his electric car.

This was a full circuit of the Northern Hemisphere, beginning and ending in Spain. But in between, says Alan Soule, the lone American participant, his passport got a workout.

Along the way, the EV drivers visited many remarkable landmarks and found charging opportunities fairly readily when they were needed. The biggest automotive challenge, says Soule, was the condition of the roads in Kazakhstan.

Extending EV Access to Low-Income Drivers

Jun 20, 2016

Electric cars generate far less pollution, and usually save money for their drivers. But because of the high upfront costs of buying or leasing these cars, those benefits have been largely out of reach for low-income households. But that may be starting to change.

  Sonoma County’s Regional Climate Protection Authority has been studying ways to encourage wider use of EVs locally. An important piece of that, says Program Manager Lauren Casey, is their analysis of where additional charging stations could most productively be located.

EVs in Sonoma County Cut Emissions, Boost Economy

Jun 18, 2016

  Transportation is the single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Sonoma County. So efforts to boost the adoption of emission-free electric vehicles are accelerating.

Driving an electric car in Sonoma County should be, at worst, a break-even proposition compared to a gas-powered vehicle, according to Sonoma Clean Power’s Geof Syphers.

  Like the car ads used to say:  Your mileage may vary. But here are some detailed figures from recent EV convert Doron Amiran of the Center for Climate Protection, documenting his household's experience.

Electric Vehicle Adoption Accelerates

Jan 3, 2016

If you think you’ve been seeing more electric cars on local roads in the past year, you’re right. Today’s North Bay Report examines the factors behind this trend.

The leading reasons given for EV purchases are shown in the graphic below.

Electric Cars Find Favor in Sonoma County

Feb 20, 2015
Center for Climate Protection

 It isn’t easy for individuals to curtail their greenhouse gas emissions, but one thing they can do is drive less—or drive cars that pollute less. And recent sales figures show we are doing just that.

Switching to electric cars is a modest lifestyle change that can make a significant impact on overall greenhouse gas emissions, says Brant Arthur of the Center for Climate Protection.


Encouraging EV Adoption

Oct 23, 2014

Renewable power sources and wider use of electric cars are radically reshaping the energy business, in ways that are just beginning to take hold, with California and the North Bay at the forefront.

Tourism could be another avenue toward wider adoption of electric vehicles. Plans to support that in Sonoma County have been gradually getting rolled out for some time now, says David Worthington, the county's vehicle fleet manager. But right now, electric car rentals are an important missing link.

Switch Vehicles Hosts Open House

Sep 15, 2014
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  Switch Vehicles, the maker of three-wheeled electric cars sold as kits, is holding an open house today, part of the North Bay iHub’s Innovation Week. KRCB profiled the unusual automotive start-up on the North Bay Report last December, and on today’s Exchange, we reprise that story.

The Switch Vehicles Open House is from 10-3 today, in their new home at 380 Morris Street in Sebastopol, with cars on display and some limited opportunities for test drives.

Charging Electric Cars on the Califonria Coast

Jun 9, 2014

  There are 58,000 electric vehicles on the road in California now, and their number has been doubling every year. That’s still a small share of the total, but it does represent a growing market that looks like an opportunity to a North Bay entrepreneur.

Dale Miller, President of the Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association, notes that having more charging stations in more locations is another factor helping to boost EV sales.

Generating Clean Power in Sonoma County

Feb 12, 2014

Sonoma Clean Power is about more than providing electricity—they’re also imagining a new energy future for the region, with public participation in the creation of that vision.

Switch Electric Cars

Dec 16, 2013
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  If high school shop classes can assemble bare-bones electric cars from a kit, why not work crews anywhere? Sebastopol’s Switch Vehicles is out to accelerate the future of low cost EVs.