Expanding Collaboration Between Disparate Arts

Jul 11, 2017

  Sonoma County sculptor Bruce Johnson is known for his massive redwood and metal structures. But he has also been central to some unexpected collaborations with artists from quite different fields. 

Sculptor Bruce Johnson’s name for his Poetry House provided a parallel for Elizabeth Herron’s long poem, The Poet’s House.  But she says the finished space was also rich in inspiration.

Choreographer Nancy Lyons says she and her colleagues in the SoCo Dance Theater also drew inspiration from Johnson’s work—in a very tactile way.

No Nukes Peace Boat Sails into Bodega Bay

Jun 15, 2017

Almost 60 years after it first sailed into the South Pacific to protest nuclear weapons testing, the sailboat Golden Rule is spending the weekend in Bodega Bay with an updated message on the same issue.

Following their arrival in Bodega Bay this morning, the crew of the Golden Rule will host a public forum on nuclear policy Saturday evening will be in Santa Rosa. See this link for details

New Life for the Old Cotati Cabaret

Apr 27, 2017

The old Cotati Cabaret had an enthusiastic fan base and a colorful history—one that ended rather abruptly in 1990. But this weekend, for one brief evening, the venue will open its doors once more.

The concert Sunday evening (details here) is a benefit for Live Music Lantern, a three year-old non-profit run by Elijah and Kaya Barntsen. he explains their dual purpose is all about expanding opportunities for people to hear live music.

Marches for Science Linked to Earth Day

Apr 19, 2017

As science increasingly comes under fire from conservative political forces, public support for research and empirical evidence is being rallied in a global array of pro-science events this weekend—including two in Santa Rosa.

In thinking about the importance of science in daily life, Adrienne Alvord, the Western States Director for the Union of Concerned Scientists, points out that is it vital for both economic and personal health.

The three-stage descent of the full length of the Russian River wrapped up this weekend with a public finale kayaking from Duncan’s Mills to Jenner. It was an extended prelude to a broad examination of the watershed and its future next year. 

By design, the on-the-water descent of the Russian River brought together stakeholders who hold sometimes conflicting views. Riverkeeper Don McEnhill says that shared experience holds the prospect of better working relationships going forward.

Getting a First and Close-Up Look at Yosemite

Sep 25, 2016
Jonathan Bravo, LandPaths

For several years, LandPaths has been offering hikes and other outings for Sonoma County’s Latino residents. This weekend, they took that program a big step further.

Making Local History Entertaining

Sep 11, 2016

 A well-known quote from Luther Burbank provides the title for “Santa Rosa: The Chosen Spot of all the Earth.” And most of the rest of the concise new video history of the city is locally sourced as well.

The process of making this film has also had a ripple effect benefiting the local history collections for area libraries and museums, explains Don Silverek.

A Life of Progressive Activism

Jul 28, 2016

Sonoma County has long been home to a fervent and persistent community of progressive political activists. One of them is now telling his personal story in a new autobiographical account of nearly four decades of dissent and protest.

  Like many longtime political activists, Fagin began organizing and protesting while in high school. But, he recalls, that came after he learned to question and understand his own thoughts and feelings about the issues that moved him.

A Summer Camp for Organ Transplant Recipients

Jul 21, 2016
Rhian Miller, KRCB

  Life is often more complicated for kids who have had an organ transplant. But a special camp in the hills of western Sonoma County brings them together for a few days each summer. Reporter Rhian Miller visited their annual session this week.

The Annual Solid Organ Transplant Camp by Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford –its official name—wraps up this year’s session on Saturday.

Rolling Out an Accessible ‘Hike’

May 17, 2016
Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District

  A quartet of Sonoma County agencies teamed up last weekend to organize and support a first-ever group outdoor outing for non-ambulatory Nature lovers. KRCB News Director Bruce Robinson tagged along.

Sebastopol’s Village Building Convergence Resumes

Apr 17, 2016

  The Sebastopol Village Building Convergence is underway for a second and more extensive time, with an increased focus on neighborhood projects and informational programs.

A full schedule of events for the current Convergence can be found here (scroll down for event details).

Local Health Group Encourages End-of-Life Planning

Apr 12, 2016

  End-of-life decisions are best made early, even though it’s not an easy thing to think about ahead of time. So some local events are coming up to assist with that.

An Advance Care Directive, like a Living Will, is a formal legal document. Even so, explains Jane Eckles, chair of the steering committee for My Care, My Plan, Sonoma County, there are several easy ways to complete one.

Tall Ships Return to Bodega Bay

Apr 11, 2016
Bruce Robinson

  They’re back! After a four-year absence, a pair of tall-masted wooden sailing ships will sail back into Bodega Bay Wednesday for a 5-day stay, offering public tours and excursions.

  The Lady Washington’s companion vessel is actually older, and an original. The builder synthesized elements from several different historic ships to create the Hawaiian Chieftain, explains first mate Matthew Callen, but the first impression most modern observers have is “pirate ship.”


A New Home for Funky Fridays

Mar 10, 2016
Sonoma County Regional Parks

  Funky Fridays, a popular series of fundraising concerts in the Sonoma Valley has found a new home for the coming summer season, and it seems that everyone involved couldn’t be happier.

Hear more about the history and interior details of the Hood Mansion in this North Bay Report from October, 2006

  The upcoming fourth season of Funky Friday concerts will feature these performers.

May 27

Inside View Now Available at Wildlife Hospital

Aug 4, 2015
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside a wildlife hospital, it’s now possible to observe first-hand from the new viewing deck at Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue. 

Tours at Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue are usually held on Saturdays. Find further details here on their website.

Landpaths Introduces ‘TrekSonoma’ Outings

Jun 25, 2015

  Landpaths is one of several local groups that is active in preserving and protecting scenic and unspoiled properties across Sonoma County. But they are also committed to getting people out on those lands, and will introduce a new series of extended outings later this summer.

Hiking across the countryside as part of a small group, says Landpaths Executive Director Craig Anderson, becomes a collective experience, which is quite different from traveling alone or with just one or two other people. 

Solar Energy's Long History

Mar 9, 2015

  What do Socrates, Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein have in common? They were all early advocates for the use of solar energy.

  Over the centuries, many innovative uses have been developed for simple solar devices, notes John Perlin, author of Let It Shine, the 6000 year story of Solar Energy.

A Survivor Remembers Jonestown

Nov 20, 2014
Laura Johnston Kohl

  It’s been 36 years since more than 900 people died at Jonestown, a remote outpost in the South American country of Guyana. But for one former People’s Temple member, the memories remain raw.

  Today, Johnston Kohl says she sees the People's Temple differently than she did at the time, but also from a broader perspective than most.

Fire Services: Many Districts, Tight funding

Oct 17, 2014

  Fire protection across Sonoma County is provided by 5 city fire departments plus 19 other independent fire districts, including 15 volunteer departments.  That provides a lot of cherished local control, but financially it’s a model carried over from the last century that may no longer be viable today.  A the direction of the county Board of Supervisors, a series of 10 public meetings to discuss the future of local fire services are being held at fire stations throughout the county.  Here’s what is expected to come out of all that.

Naomi Klein Reframes the Climate Change Issue

Oct 15, 2014

 Virtually everyone is in some form of denial around climate change, contends progressive journalist Naomi Klein, but their reasons for that can be radically different.

While capitalist exploitation of fossil fuels has triggered and accelerated the climate change crisis, Klein says there are other solid reasons to create an alternative economic system.

Pomo Culture, History Honored in Sebastopol

Sep 25, 2014
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  Long before Sebastopol was a town, it was home to indigenous Pomo tribes for many generations. That history is explored and recognized in a series of Pomo–related events during October, the town’s fifth annual Pomo Honoring Month.

There will be a reception at the Sebastopol Historical museum on Saturday, September 27 from 1-4 pm to kick off this year’s Pomo Horning Month events. You can find a complete list of those activities  here.

Innovation Week Showcases Entreprenural Creativity

Sep 17, 2014

  It’s Innovation Week in the North Bay, when businesses and other groups show off their best new ideas. The big finish is a competition on Friday, in which some promising inventors and entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to win both public support, and backing from angel investor groups.

Find details about the Innovation Competition, including the full list of entrants, here.

Food System Innovations Showcased

Sep 17, 2014

  This is North Bay Innovation Week in Sonoma County, which suggests a lot of new technologies. But innovation is also about new ways of doing long-established things, too, and that includes how we produce and prepare the foods we eat. Go Local is hosting a pair of presentations which look at innovations in that sector. Here’s  a preview.

The Return of the Accordion Festival

Aug 14, 2014
Jeanine Flaton

  In 24 years, the Cotati Accordion Festival has grown from a musical curiosity into a regional attraction. As the annual August event gets ready to open  Friday night, guest reporter Karina Ioffee  sets the stage with a sampling of sounds from last year’s event.

Not all of the performers and vendors included in this report are returning for the 2014 Cotati Accordion Festival. Some of those who will be are pictured below. See the complete schedule for the event here.

A Safe Place for Talking about Death

Jul 24, 2014

  Sooner or later, everyone is going to die, yet few of us are comfortable talking about that. Death Cafes are a forum where those conversations can and do happen, and anyone who wants to join in is welcome.

Mortality is a serious subject, but Linda Sinaird says that doesn’t mean the Death Café conservations are always hushed and somber.

There is a reticence to talk about death and dying in most western cultures, which is counter-intuitive, suggests Cynthia Sumner, as it is something everyone must deal with at some point—usually first involving others.

Young Chamber Musicians Gather, Perform at SSU

Jul 6, 2014

 For a seventh consecutive year, young musicians and composers from across the country have convened on the Sonoma State University campus for an intensive three-week session of chamber music study and performance. It’s called California Summer Music, and includes a public invitation to attend their concerts, free of change.

Traveling Previews Promote the Sonoma County Fair

Jul 2, 2014

County Fair season is fast approaching, and to help herald its arrival, a traveling preview will be making the rounds of Sonoma County, beginning tomorrow. Here’s Bruce with a preview of those previews.

  The Traveling Fair will make a total of 11 stops over the next two weeks, beginning tomorrow evening in Windsor’s Keiser Park. The full schedule is below.


JULY 3, 5-9 P.M.



JULY 5, 8:30 A.M. - 1 P.M.