On the next Morning Edition, emergency managers in Florida are re-thinking their evacuation strategy after learning hard lessons from Hurricane Michael last year. Also, why the makers of the hit Broadway musical about The Temptations say you should be proud to be loud. Listen for news, plus stories that affect your world on the next Morning Edition from NPR News.

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Voters in Florida are poised to pass a ballot measure that would restore voting rights to more than one-point-five million people with past felony convictions.

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  • Florida has some of the toughest building codes in the country.
  • But certain areas are exempt from rules that would protect against storms like Hurricane Michael.
  • On the next All Things Considered from NPR News.

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If Republicans keep control of the House in November, Democrats’ worst nightmares could come true.  If the House changes hands, Congress could limit President Trump's power.  But will Democrats be able to please their base?  Plus the latest on Hurricane Michael - on the next Morning Edition from NPR News.

How will the results at the polls in Florida and Arizona affect general election plans for both Democrats and Republicans this November?  Who won, who lost, and who stands to win even more. Full coverage of the primaries on the next Morning Edition beginning at 6 am.

California Update for Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Mar 14, 2018
Mitch Barrie / Flikr

• As high school students around the country prepare to walkout to protest for tighter restrictions on firearms, California lawmakers and policy advocates are preparing their own responses after the Parkland shooting.

• Donald Trump visited the U.S.-Mexican border and spoke to Marines at Miramar Air Station Tuesday in San Diego during his first trip to California as president. The president’s visit was fraught with political tension.

Today's reporting by Ben Bradford and Drew Sandsor.

Keeping Fiction Stranger Than Reality

Sep 8, 2016

  Carl Hiaasen’s latest novel mocks reality TV, restaurant inspection standards, product liability lawyers, and beach restoration opportunists. But he insists that it’s all rooted in the skewed reality of contemporary south Florida.

Carl Hiaasen’s writings also include several books for younger readers, the most recent one being, Skink. He recalls being surprised when it was suggested that he pitch something to that audience, but with a little key guidance, he found a second niche.