• Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer has a new tell-all book that spills the beans on the Trump administration’s true beliefs about the LGBT community.


• Guerneville men have been found guilty of stealing the pride flag from the downtown plaza.  Both received probation and community service hours cleaning the river. 


• The annual Lazy Bear weekend starts this Wednesday in Guerneville.  Keep your eye out for bears, cubs, and otters arriving in Guerneville from all over the country.

Guerneville Health Center Carries On Despite Fire

Jan 29, 2016
Sonoma County Gazette

  Despite a devastating Christmas night fire, Guerneville’s West County Health Center is continuing to see a full schedule of patients, while slowly making plans to rebuild.

Pride Celebration Enlivens Guerneville This Weekend

May 30, 2014

  June gets off to a lively start with the annual Pride celebration, which will be centered in Guerneville over the weekend. Today’s segment takes a closer look at the event itself, and a bit of the history behind it.

Tales of the Russian River

Jul 22, 2013

The Guerneville area has been home to some colorful characters, huge demographic and economic changes, and for the past 50-plus years, a hometown historian who likes nothing better than sharing the stories that he’s compiled.

Having lived near Guerneville since the 1960s, local historian John Schubert has also been a first-hand witness to a good deal of change. He says the region’s housing stock has been a good yardstick for tracking the evolution of the local population and business community.