The Russian River is Different in Mendocino County

Aug 25, 2016
Russian Riverkeeper

  Most of the public access to the Russian River lies along its lower section. But this week, a group of river stakeholders, are kayaking through that upper reach, an outing instigated by Sonoma County Supervisor James Gore. Craig Anderson, Executive Director of LandPaths is a co-leader of the current four-day trip, and he gave us this summary of the high points from their second day on the water.

Native Americans Invented 'Environmental Management'

Jun 2, 2016

  Native Americans were skillful stewards of the natural bounty inherent in the North Bay. And they were surprisingly proactive in how they went about it.

Find details about the “Tending the Wild” conference at Pepperwood this weekend here.

Tracking Traffic in the Sonoma Valley Wildlife Corridor

Jul 31, 2015
Sonoma Land Trust

The mountains that frame the Sonoma Valley are full of wildlife, from field mice to deer and coyotes. But how do they get from one side to the other? A newly released study offers some answers.   

You can read or download the full report here.

Creek restoration group celebrates 500th project

Mar 20, 2015

Yesterday STRAW--Students and Teachers Restoring A Watershed--celebrated their 500th project, with a day of planning trees at Tolay Ranch. Since Laurette Rogers, Program Director, began STRAW 23 years ago, she's seen 40,000 students help restore more than 35 miles of creek bed, plus uncounted wetlands. 

"We learned that to help animals we should plant trees to give them nice habitat," said Sam, 2nd grader at Loma Vista Elementary in Novato. 

Fewer birds in North Bay skies

Sep 18, 2014

  Climate change and habitat loss are threatening the survival of hundreds of North American bird species. And local birding observers say, the numbers of numerous familiar birds are already visibly declining in the North Bay’s skies.

  The Pacific flyway along the North coast is a vital corridor for many larger birds of prey, but Susan Kirks, past president of the Madrone Audubon Society, says that as a group, they are among the most threatened species that traverse this region.

Russian River Project Earns Restoration Award

Apr 8, 2014
Bioengineering Associates

Using structures of woven willow, rather than tons of rock, is a more natural—and less costly-- way to repair eroding riverbanks. One recent example on the lower Russian River just won a national award.

Even before they received the award, Oddfellows Recreation Club Executive Director Jack Davies says their alternative approach to the repair work had yielded multiple advantages.

  One of the many challenges in the restoration project, says project manager Cam Parry, involved working around the redwoods on the site, both standing and fallen.

Living With Mountain Lions

Sep 10, 2013

Mountain lions still roam the hills of the North Bay, but not as many as there once were. And we humans are not making their lives any easier.

  It was McDonald’s own face to face meeting with a full-sized adult male in the Marin Headlands that fueled her passion for working with the big cats of the world. She was out running above Sausalito near dusk, she recalls, when she had that life-changing encounter.


Training Veterans to Aid Salmon

May 23, 2013
California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

On remote tributaries of the Eel River , unemployed army veterans are learning new skills to benefit the local environment, and boost their standing in the job market.

The NOAA-CCC Veterans Corps pilot program is explained in fuller detail in this video produced by San Francisco filmmaker Kevin White.