Our Voices Will Be Heard

A Perseverance Theater Production

April is both:
- National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and
- Sexual Assault Awareness Month 

A mother seeks to break the cycle of family violence -
A tribe deals with the pain in silence -
A daughter finds strength by sharing her word -
Healing will begin when - Our Voices Will Be Heard   

Little Freddie King, Anders Osborne, Dr. Michael White & Music Maker Relief Foundation

The Healing Power of Artful Temples

Aug 15, 2016
Brad Templeton

  Petaluma artist David Best began building temples almost by accident, first for Burning Man and now other places as well, as he seeks ways to expand their healing power into the world at large.

  In creating his temples, Sculptor David Best asserts that there is one quality he does not strive for.

The Long, Slow Recovery From Concussion

Jul 22, 2015

  Concussions are serious and common injuries among school athletes. Today, we hear the story of volleyball player Sophia Reoutt, as she struggled to recover from one.

  Symptoms of Concussion