The County of Sonoma encourages residents to participate in upcoming workshops that will gather public input to shape the Recovery and Resiliency Plan to ensure the safety, livelihoods, and economic prosperity of the residents of Sonoma County.

“Sonoma County will recover from these devastating fires, but we cannot do it alone,” said Board of Supervisors Chair James Gore. “We invite community members from every corner of the County to come to the table and share your ideas about what actions will help lead to a successful recovery and resilient future.”

Supervisors seek public input to guide recovery efforts at three upcoming workshops

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors invites community members to attend and provide input to guide post-fire recovery efforts at three upcoming public workshops. Each workshop will focus on a different topic, including Housing, Natural Resources, Economic Development, Health and Human Services, and Infrastructure. 

Topic areas will be discussed on the following dates:  

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Aug 29, 2017
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Today's reporting by Amy Quinton and Ben Bradford.

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