This week on eTown, we’re joined by singer/songwriter/producer John Paul White who originally joined us back in 2011 as part of the widely popular musical duo The Civil Wars. Our longtime friends in the genre-bending Americana group Marley’s Ghost also stop in for another visit to eTown Hall’s solar-powered stage. Lots of great music and conversation with our musical guests, plus we’ll check in with a great Colorado-based organization that’s providing organic and nutritious meals in the community, regardless of someone’s ability to pay.

On the next Fresh Air, a former influential leader of the religious right and a former leader of militant anti-abortion protests, who also used to hand out 10 commandments plaques to members of congress and judges, tells us why he parted ways with the religious right. Terry talks with Rob Schenck, author of the new memoir Costly Grace.

Since they met at Boston's New England Conservatory, Lake Street Dive have been making carefully arranged music with tricky harmonies. Today, we'll revisit a recent live performance from their latest album, Free Yourself Up. The band joined host Talia Schlanger in the studio to shares stories from their early days on tour, when they travelled with a big upright bass in the front seat of their Subaru. And we'll hear what it's like to spend the fourth of July with Stephen Colbert. On the next World Cafe.

nowthisworld / YouTube

President Trump has criticized European countries for what he calls unfair trade practices and for not paying their fair share in terms of security. As he heads to Brussels this week, he'll be facing a group of allies who are feeling alienated. What does the president's bullish style mean for the future of NATO?

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has built a career doing conservative legal work in Washington. Now he's President Trump's Supreme Court nominee.  The confirmation fight ahead...

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On his new album, Be More Kind, Frank Turner sends a message about how we treat ourselves and the state of the world. He's been criticized for his political viewpoints in the past, even receiving hate mail and death threats. But the folk-punk singer-songwriter recently decided to dive back into social commentary on the new record, which features a song called "Make America Great Again." Today, we'll learn what that means to Frank in a wide-ranging political and personal conversation with host Talia Schlanger.

California Update for Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Jul 10, 2018
Andrew Harnik / AP

• A federal judge in Sacramento has upheld California’s law shielding immigrants in the country without legal documentation.


• BLM says there are 127 million dead and dying trees in the state. The agency hopes to begin removing those near high traffic areas and power lines after the new year.


Today's reporting by Ben Bradford and Bob Moffitt.


Johnny Bazzano is on tonight with new music from Ry Cooder, Eliza Gilkyson, Chuck Brodsky and John Prine.

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The trade war between the US and China is in full swing. But even before this, other tariffs were hurting American companies. What we can learn from how the previous tariff's played out.

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Loudon Wainwright III, Nancy And Beth, Mipso, David Childers, Liz Longley on Mountain Stage.

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Hear an exclusive performance by I’m With Her. Also music from, Cowboy Junkies, roots music from the UK with The Pogues and Nick Drake, plus new music from Worry Dolls and The Rails. All this and more on The Bluegrass Situation Radio Hour.

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The Advocate

• British Prime Minister Theresa May announced plans to create a national ban on the use of gay conversion therapy. 


• A new HRC Foundation study that shows LGBTQ teen athletes overwhelmingly remain closeted from fear and a lack of acceptance by their coaches and teammates. 


• The Vice Mayor of Dixon, California, faces a recall campaign after he published a column in the local paper calling for a “Straight Pride Month” in July and referred to LGBTQ people as having an “inferiority complex.”


Paul Greenberg, the award-winning author of Four Fish, writes in his new book, “The Omega Principle,” about the science behind fish oil supplements, and how the harvesting of tiny fish who supply that and other industries is having a ripple effect, leading to less healthy and bountiful oceans. Join us.

Rocco Peditto

The rootsy and lyrical rock style of L.A. band Dawes has had a hold on charmed fans for nearly a decade. They're back with a new album, called Passwords, and lead singer Taylor Goldmsith talks with host Talia Schlanger about writing the new songs, and the minor medical emergency that inspired one of them. Plus, we'll hear about his experience climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with his fiancé, actress Mandy Moore. And Dawes perform live.

Networks surround and sustain us, in nature, in our bodies, in relationships, in the digital world. This hour, TED speakers explore how we rely on networks and how we have the power to shape them.

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When what you see doesn’t comport with science, with reason, with the rules you know about how the universe works; who are you going to believe?

Logic? Or your own lying eyes?

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"You wanna read a real history book?" Matt Damon asks Robin Williams in the movie Good Will Hunting. "Read Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States. That book'll knock you on your ass."

This week on Milk Street Radio, the ethics of free ice cream samples; pork/pineapple tacos; and Whetstone Magazine travels the world; does coffee cause cancer?

We’ll meet Pakistan's Martha Stewart, learn to make pisto, and a quick yogurt sauce.

Plus, a recipe for Tacos al Pastor.

President Trump is not the first commander in chief to invoke national security as the reason behind controversial policies. But he uses it far more often than previous presidents have. A closer look on today's All Things Considered from NPR News.

Paul Balfe

If there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, why haven’t we heard from the extraterrestrials yet? Producer David Kestenbaum explains The Fermi Paradox to host Ira Glass. The possibility that we are alone in the universe makes David sad.

Three people grapple with the question, “Are we alone?”

Eliot Kamenitz / The Advocate

Happy July Fourth! Add some sizzle to your backyard barbecue with hot licks from the stage as we road trip from New Orleans to Butte, Montana. We start off at Preservation Hall in the French Quarter for vocal fireworks from gospel quartet the Blind Boys of Alabama and Crescent City soul singer Irma Thomas, both backed by the mojo masters of Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

The Record Company made their 2016 debut album in bass player Alex Stiff's living room in L.A. and wound up with hit songs, sold-out headlining shows, and a Grammy nomination. All on the strength of that one album, Give It Back to You. Now they've released the follow-up, called All of This Life. The trio joins host Talia Schlanger to talk about their surprising and quick rise to fame and what life has been like since. 


On the next Fresh Air -- the story of the Kellogg Brothers, who invented Corn Flakes and other breakfast cereals, and ran the Battle Creek Sanatorium, which pioneered the concept of wellness. There’s lots of surprises in the Kellogg story, relating to the 7th Day Adventists, abstinence, and eugenics.

President Trump announced tariffs on steel from foreign countries in a move that he says will help create jobs for American steelworkers. But Dennis Slater, the president of a trade association for equipment manufacturers says tariffs could cause prices for steel from the U.S. as well as steel from abroad to rise, leading to less business for a variety of American companies.

Tune in Sunday evening at 6 when Mouthful welcomes David Law, owner and co-founder, and Chris Bailey, vice president, of Gourmet Mushrooms, producer of some of the finest specialty mushrooms not only in Sonoma County but the country and the world. Gourmet Mushrooms was founded in Sebastopol in the late 1970s and has blossomed into one of our most important agricultural businesses.

It's all about mushrooms on Mouthful, Smart Talk About Food, Wine & Farming with host Michele Anna Jordan.

Kernan Coleman

Hi, friends. I'm writing after just coming back from downtown Santa Rosa, where several thousand people have been assembling to protest our government's incredibly cruel treatment of immigrant children and their parents. After substantial grumbling over the actions of Trump (Not My President), it appears that the citizens of this country are not about to let the immigrant children slide. There are actions of this sort all over the United States today, and even in other countries, I believe.

Tonight enjoy special guest Cricket Karen. Conversations about music, listening to her live original tunes, and maybe even hearing about the coolness of her name. Chirp! Chirp! Host Jon Gonzales will be spinning a healthy diet of local music via the airwaves. Songwriters from Mendo to Marin and back!

We consider it part of our mission at Art of the Song and the Standing O Project to raise awareness of people who are using music in unique ways to change the world. The Brothers Koren, Isaac and Thorald, are such luminaries, using music as a vehicle for personal growth. With a successful career as a band known as The Kin, playing to arenas of 20,000 fans, opening for the likes of Coldplay & Pink, The Brothers Koren now specialize in taking individuals and groups through a process of songwriting and singing as personal transformation with their program The Songwriter’s Journey.

California Update for Thursday, July 5, 2018

Jul 5, 2018
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

• Firefighters in California are scrambling to control the state’s largest wildfire of the year that has ravaged nearly 86,000 acres.


• The White House made the baseless claim California Sen. Kamala Harris is "supporting MS-13." PolitiFact California rated this Pants On Fire.

Find all Politifact California fact checks HERE.

Today's reporting by Nadine Sebai and Chris Nichols.


On the next Fresh Air, a look back at the Supreme Court term with New York Times reporter, Adam Liptak. He'll talk about important decisions that didn’t get much attention, as well as those that did. And we'll hear about Justice Kennedy's retirement.