The Rio Theater’s New Life

Dec 16, 2015

From origins as a  WW II relic to a community fund-raising rescue, and now a new collective ownership, the story of the Rio Theater could be told on the big screen inside. But we get it instead from reporter Ryan Miller.

A Prolific Year for Michele Anna Jordan

Nov 22, 2015

With two dozen books on food and cooking to her credit already, Michele Anna Jordan now divides her time between savoring new projects and updating past works.

  Unlike celebrity chefs, who produce beautiful but impractical coffee table books, Jordan writes hers for people who want to increase their culinary confidence through experimentation.

In More than Meatballs, Jordan says she was out to "feminize" the subject.

Michele Anna Jordan’s radio program, Mouthful, can be heard weekly on KRCB, Sunday evenings at 6 pm.

  A darkly humorous author avatar and a lightly fictionalized Sonoma County city feature prominently in a new novel by a local writer who knows them both well. 

Project Censored in 2016

Nov 9, 2015

  “Media Freedom on the Line” is the subtitle for the annual volume of media analysis and under-covered news stories from Project Censored. Today's report looks at the latest work from the media watchdog group.

Documenting California's Disappearing Glaciers

Sep 21, 2015
Tim Palmer

 Climate change is being felt even at the highest peaks in the Sierra Nevada, where the remaining glaciers in California are melting away. So Tim Palmer set out to capture them on film, while it was still possible. He talks about that project on this archive edition of the North Bay Report.

West Marin Papers Merging

Apr 26, 2015

  For more than seven years, two rival weekly newspapers have struggled to survive serve western Marin County. Now their long-running competition is coming to a close.

The newest addition to   KRCB television’s Health Connections series is a long-form documentary titled Place Matters. It’s an exploration of how myriad social inequalities affect community health—using Santa Rosa as a case in point. 

A Little Paper with a Big Archive

Nov 19, 2014

  Back in 1974, the little west Marin town of Bolinas started its own community newspaper, The Bolinas Hearsay News. Remarkably, it’s still going, but now the paper’s full 40 year history is collected and on display at the town’s museum. The exhibit opened over the past weekend.

Early editions of the Bolinas Hearsay News were handwritten or drawn, but today the paper is published online. You’ll find a link to their digital archives on their website, as well.

Recognizing Micro-aggressions

Nov 17, 2014

  Overt racism is on the decline, but in its place has arisen something that is more subtle and often unconscious. The term for it is “micro-aggression.”

  Much of the time, suggests Santa Rosa psychologist  Dr. Marco Lopez, casual “micro-aggressions” are more  thoughtless than intentionally disparaging.

But the person on the receiving end of such remarks, Lopez continues, is going to recognize their hurtful nature, even if the speaker doesn’t.

Examining 'Techno-creep'

Oct 30, 2014

  New digital technologies are already listening in on your daily life and intruding into your wallet. What’s coming next may be even creepier.

   Some of what Thomas Keenan writes about in Technocreep may seem like science fiction. Yet his carefully annotated book abounds with concrete examples, such as the way one major retailer is already processing the customer purchase data it routinely collects to target those customers with special offers.

The Future of Editorial Cartooning

Oct 7, 2014

  As newspapers struggle to survive and prosper in the digital age, what will become of their specialized contributors, such as editorial cartoonists? They’re hustling to adapt to the new media landscape, as we hear on today’s North Bay Report. 

Mark Fiore and Jen Sorenson will be part of a panel discussing “Editorial Cartooning Today” at the Charles Schulz Museum on Sunday. Find details here.

Documentary Delves into Life with Bi-Polar Disorder

Oct 6, 2014


Of Two Minds, a new documentary film about bi-polar disorder, sidesteps expert opinions to hear from some more intimately acquainted sources—people who are living with it.

Of Two Minds" awillbe sown at 3 pm on Saturday,  Oct. 11,  at the Summerfield Theater in Santa Rosa, with a Q & A session with the directors to follow. 

Project Censored Releases 2015 Volume

Oct 3, 2014

  Project Censored is out with its latest collection of under-covered news, which includes stories about climate change, corporate corruption, mainstream media errors and omissions, and a nationwide analysis of police-involved shootings.

See KRCB's independent reporting on ocean acidificiation, a two-part story from 2011 that can be found here and here.

An Insider’s View of the CIA—Then and Now

Sep 22, 2014
(c) Robert Shetterly/Americans Who Tell The Truth

A veteran CIA analyst says political agendas have corrupted his old office, driving whistle blowers like Edward Snowden to act outside of official channels in order to deliver truth to the public. 

  As a private citizen, Ray McGovern says he is still able to keep up on international and domestic events in much the same way he did while working at the CIA.

The rapid rise to prominence of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) has, in some quarters, been called a failure of US intelligence gathering.  McGovern doesn’t see it that way.

Schulz's Early Cartooning on View

Sep 16, 2014
© 1948 Schulz Family Intellectual Trust.

  Peanuts made Santa Rosa cartoonist Charles Schulz popular world-wide, but that long-running strip was not where his career began. A new exhibit at the Charles M. Schulz museum looks back as his earliest work, and we hear more about that today from the woman who helped put it together.

DIY: California's Water Policy Choices

Sep 9, 2014

  As California’s drought continues, the range of possible responses is narrowing, while the cost for most available options is increasing. The California Water Challenge is a new interactive on-line tool intended to give us a better understanding of the choices and trade-offs that face us. Here’s a closer look at it.

The California Water Challenge website went live this morning; you can try it for yourself here.

“Bug” Deakin’s Reclaimed Stories

Sep 5, 2014

  Michael “Bug” Deakin has made the recovery and reuse of old wood and other building materials into his life’s work.  That is now the source material for a lavishly illustrated book of his Reclaimed Stories.

  Heritage Salvage deals in more than just reclaimed lumber, but owner Bug Deakin freely admits that his first and greatest fondness is for old wood.

Jet Skiers Raise Risks on Russian River

Aug 11, 2014
Sebastopol Times & News

Summer on the lower Russian River is typically tranquil and laid back—but not always. Recent articles in the Sebastopol Times and News have called attention to a recurring noisy hazard on the water. Today we hear from the author of those reports.

Sebastopol Cops Now Camera-equipped

Aug 6, 2014
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  The entire Sebastopol Police Department—a dozen full-time officers and 11 reservists—now carry department-issued video cameras that record all of their interactions while on the job. This may make them the first local law enforcement agency to be so equipped. Today, we find out why, and how they are used.


A Defender of the Redwoods Tells His Story

Jun 13, 2014

Greg King, a one-time Sonoma County journalist, has spent the past three decades working to protect and preserve the remaining old growth redwood forests of Northern California. His book detailing that history—both his and the trees’—is a work in progress, but he’s offering a preview in a talk on the Sonoma Coast this evening. Here, we get a preview of that preview.

Unusual Speakers at Santa Rosa TEDx Event

Jun 12, 2014
Eric Larsen

  TED talks have become a big deal. There are hundreds of them online now, and of course KRCB airs NPR’s weekly TED Radio Hour on Sunday mornings at 9. And there is also a local Ted-type event in Santa Rosa which is happening on Saturday.

That local TED-x event is coming up on Saturday afternoon, June 14th, starting at 1 pm in the Jackson Theater at Sonoma Country Day School. For a full list of the presenters, click here.

A Call to Share Historic Photos from Marin

Jun 10, 2014

Anyone with pictures from the past in Marin County is being invited to share them—just long enough to be scanned—for inclusion in a forthcoming photo-history book.

Bruce Robinson, talking with Jean Zerrudo from the Marin History Museum. Those photo scanning sessions are coming up later this month (see schedule below),  and you can find the submission guidelines and other details here.

Priceless Advice for Women in Business

May 29, 2014

  As the number of female top executives grows, they are sharing what they’ve learned along the way with other women. A new book created by two Healdsburg women is a recent example.

  In hard copy, Pass It On is just a little bigger than a CD jewel case, a not-quite-square format that gave designer Deb Viola ample room to get creative.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Bananas

May 29, 2014

  One of Woody Allen’s early movies was titled “Bananas,” but it wasn’t actually about the popular yellow fruit. That distinction belongs to the new documentary Mondo Banana. It was directed by a part-time west county filmmaker, who stopped in to talk about his project with Bruce Robinson.

Mobilizing Online in Defense of Ravens

May 22, 2014

  The power of social media and the Internet can be a remarkable thing. One current example is a local woman—someone well-known to KRCB listeners—who has used the web to mobilize bird lovers nationally and world-wide, in defense of threatened ravens in southern Idaho. 

Click here to learn more about the campaign to protect ravens in Idaho. To see or sign Michele’s petition, go here.

PBS Enjoys the Present, Eyes the Future

May 15, 2014
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

For 45 years, public television has been an educational alterative in a changing media landscape. And the proliferation of competitors has only served to heighten the unique service that PBS provides.

Throughout the network’s history, PBS has maintained high standards for comprehensive and trustworthy journalism. That remains one of their greatest assets, says President Paula Kerger.

To check the current schedule of programs on KRCB-TV, click here.

Spreading the Maker Movment

May 14, 2014
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  First there was MAKE magazine. Then there were the Maker Faires. And there’s still more making on the way.

Described as "The Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth," the 9th annual Bay Area Maker Faire will be held at the San Mateo Events Center May 17 & 18, 2014. Get more information here, or click here for tickets.

'Taking My Parents to Burning Man'

Apr 14, 2014

  A surprise hit at the Sonoma Film Festival last summer was the documentary, Taking My Parents to Burning Man, which was so popular the Sebastiani Theater brought it back for a two-night encore over the weekend. Along the way, the young, first-time filmmaker behind it--who was here from Vancouver, British Columbia--found a few minutes to visit KRCB.

Coming Out Party for New C-Media Center

Apr 10, 2014

  Santa Rosa’s Community Media Center has undergone a transformation, and it is now the C-Media Center, which is holding a sort of coming out celebration tomorrow night. Today’s Exchange brings us details about both.

For additional details about their event, click here.

The Sour Effects of Sugar-saturated Drinks

Apr 2, 2014

A local ad campaign is out to combat the big budgets of soft drink makers , using basic math to reveal just how much sugar those beverages contain.

  Although they are also often very sweet, fruit juices can be a healthier choice than sodas or energy drinks. But Jasmine Hunt cautions, you have to check carefully to be sure you’re getting real fruit, not just added sugar.

Another alternative for some, are diet sodas. They don’t contain the unhealthy amounts of sugar, says nutritionist Nora Bulloch, but they may pose other problems.