Kevin Abstract is in rapid-fire release mode. The Texas-born hip-hop artist is dropping a second trio of songs in a week's time on the road to a full length album.

The six-song Ghettobaby comes a week after ARIZONA baby, and includes all three tracks from that release. According to Abstract, there's a method behind this seemingly sporadic purge of new material. "ARIZONA baby is an album btw I'm just slowly releasing it over time," he explained to fans on social media.

This week on Alt.Latino, the latest Latin songs on our radar embraced the idea of reconnecting back to intimate, past experiences. Whether it be a homecoming after weeks of travel, a self-reflection in the wake of romance or a reminder of where one started. In this week's music roundup, hear Las Nubes reiterate its post-punk femininity in Miami's hardcore scene, Twanguero return to philosophical roots and VINILOVERSUS duet with Tessa Ia in what feels like hazy nostalgia.

The 2019 Tiny Desk Contest is officially closed for entries. Last Sunday night, in the final hours of the entry period, we watched videos pour in from across the country, delivering thousands of songs (and desks) to us.

For the musicians who sent us their songs, the hardest part is behind them. But for us, it's just beginning. While our judges deliberate, you can watch all the entries coming in as we moderate them and maybe find some new favorites of your own. Here are a few that we discovered this week.

First Listen: Josh Ritter, 'Fever Breaks'

Apr 18, 2019

Josh Ritter hits a couple of round-numbered milestones this year, most notably 20 years (since the release of his debut) and 10 albums (with the arrival of Fever Breaks next week). So it only makes sense that he'd stir up his process a bit, bringing in new collaborators in pursuit of a jolt worthy of these jolt-filled times.

First Listen: Rodrigo y Gabriela, 'Mettavolution'

Apr 18, 2019

Rodrigo y Gabriela has a hard act to follow every time they release an album: themselves. They have explored the music of their influences on 11:11, featuring songs dedicated to Carlos Santana and Jimi Hendrix, among others. Area 52 was recorded in Havana with a slew of talented Cuban musicians. 9 Dead Alive was a return to flamenco roots.

The world-weary characters of Craig Finn's latest solo release, I Need A New War, have every right to call it a day. They crash on couches after accidents that don't get talked about. They drive, battling traffic on congested streets, seeking escape on the open road. They live in less-than-ideal apartments; letting bills pile up, the power gets disconnected. The city breaks them after years spent trying.

First Listen: Sunn O))), 'Life Metal'

Apr 18, 2019

The beauty of creation isn't entirely sweet. Think of Igor Stravinsky's dynamic and dissonant Rite of Spring, which was so extreme in its time it caused a riot at its 1913 premiere.

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This week’s encore eTown broadcast features multi-instrumentalist and vocalist extraordinaire Tyminski (you may remember him as a member of Union Station; he’s also familiar to many as the singing voice for George Clooney’s on-screen character in ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ and as lead vocalist on Avicii’s international pop hit “Hey Brother”). We’re also joined by talented up-and-coming indie-folk singer/songwriter Angel Snow.

During World War II, with thousands of men shipping off to war, half a dozen all-female, instrumental big bands toured around America. It was a rarity in a musical world dominated by men and, for the most part, their stories have been erased or minimized in jazz history.

Instagram might have one believe that family life with young children involves vegetables carved to look like rocket ships in gluten-free lunchboxes, or that new mothers can prance around fields with newborn babies in pristine white linen dresses that are never covered in grass-stains or baby spit.


The first single from Madonna's upcoming Madame X suggests that the doyenne of dance pop is making canny decisions in her 60th year.

The Thistle & Shamrock: Song Links

Apr 17, 2019

Join Fiona Ritchie to discover the connections that tie her world to the music of the Southern Appalachians. This episode features Jean Ritchie, Al Petteway and Dolores Keane.

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Chicago is DJ culture. It's as simple as that. In addition to being the birthplace of house music, Chicago has always been a place where you can find the city's best DJs spinning regularly on the local radio airwaves. The Hot Mix 5, on WBMX FM, was directly responsible for breaking the house music sound worldwide.

A fire is coming from Flying Lotus. And David Lynch is fanning the flames. The Brainfeeder boss has shared "Fire is Coming" to fuel the announcement of the his upcoming album, Flamagra, due out May 24 via Warp Records.


On April 26, singer-songwriter Kevin Morby releases an ambitious double-length concept album called Oh My God.

Mere days after Coachella 2019 — where the specter of Beyoncé's grand performance last year loomed large — Bey premiered Homecoming: A Beyoncé Film on Netflix.

Theodore: Tiny Desk Concert

Apr 17, 2019

Ryan Pfluger/Courtesy of the artist / Via World Cafe

Sharon Van Etten has been celebrated for the raw rock and roll honesty of her latest album Remind Me Tomorrow. Sharon began writing it while she was in school and pregnant with her first child. She shares why she wants her son to see her struggle as an artist, and she delivers impassioned live performances of her new songs.

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Courtesy of the artist

Karen Joy Brown is the featured artist on the North Bay Songwriter's Radio Show hosted by Jon Gonzales. Husband and Guitarist Dave Silva will be accompanying as she shares a few new and older originals. 

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Rosanne Cash On Art And Activism

Apr 16, 2019

The marketing plan for Rosanne Cash’s first album was to make her “seem ‘more f—able.’” She was told about that plan to her face.

Cash wrote about that experience for Billboard.

Here’s more of what she shared:

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This is FRESH AIR.



With nationalist ideologies, identity politics and conversations about borders taking front row in recent global discourse, "home" feels like an illusory and contentious concept.

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Good morning, I'm David Greene.


ARIANA GRANDE: (Singing) Buy myself all of my favorite things...

New Mix: Tank And The Bangas, Jesca Hoop, Chris Staples, More

Apr 16, 2019

Don't worry! Everything's going to be alright. But if you need more reassurance than that, look no further than "Set of Stairs," from the Amsterdam-based band Pip Blom. It's a burst of frenetic joy to lift you up whenever life deals you a bad hand. Its singular message: You got this!

Gary Clark Jr.: Tiny Desk Concert

Apr 16, 2019

Don't see the video above? Click here.

Gary Clark Jr. had good reason to sweat. The blues-rock singer and guitarist opted to play his first-ever Tiny Desk concert — in front of a huge crowd that warmed the room considerably — while clad in a thick knit cap and heavy jacket. Plus, he'd brought his young son on tour with him and had to contend with a traditional parenting dilemma: How do you bring your kid to the office and still get work done?

Ellen Reid, a 36-year-old composer, won the Pulitzer Prize in Music on Monday for her opera p r i s m. The Pulitzer jury described the winning piece as a "bold new operatic work that uses sophisticated vocal writing and striking instrumental timbres to confront difficult subject matter: the effects of sexual and emotional abuse." The two other finalists were Sustain, an orchestral work by Andrew Norman, and Still for solo piano by James Romig. Reid is the fourth woman to earn the prize since 2013.

Galea McGregor for WXPN / Via World Cafe

After releasing a hit EP in her home country of Australia, Stella Donnelly’s star is rising stateside, including a U.S. tour that wrapped last Fall. She writes powerful songs about serious topics, like the harmful term “boys will be boys,” and the injustices faced by the First Nations people of Australia. Stella visited World Cafe this past November to perform live and talk about her plans for new music in the future – That new album, called Beware of the Dogs, just dropped in March.

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