The National

Credit Diedre O'Callaghan/Courtesy of the artist/via NPR

The National aren’t strangers to creating art in unconventional ways - like playing one of their songs for six hours straight in a museum. Matt Berninger and Aaron Dessner discuss their most ambitious project yet, I Am Easy to Find; an album AND short film made in collaboration with director Mike Mills, and perform with guest vocalists on the next World Cafe.

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Monday, April 16th – Field Report 

On the new Field Report album, Summertime Songs, leader Chris Portfield moves away from the darker, wintry sound of his first two records.  He discusses why he considered never releasing the new disc and shares a funny story about why he thinks it better if he doesn't cover other people's songs. 

Tuesday, April 17th – Squirrel Nut Zippers