In the wake of the protests by neo-Nazis and white supremacists that turned deadly in Charlottesville, Virginia, President Donald Trump has come under fire for not immediately and clearly condemning American racists. It’s not the first time. Trump and those close to him have often played down the threat of violence committed by white supremacists across the country.  

This week, through interviews with key Trump supporters and advisers, we explore if we should have seen Charlottesville coming and if we should expect more race-based clashes on the way.  

Protesters Question SoCal Fracking Resumption

May 26, 2016
Center for Biological Diversity

  A proposal to reinstate fracking for oil and natural gas in federal waters off the Southern California coast drew protesters to Camarillo earlier this week. Suzanne Potter explains why the clean water advocates are upset. 

Prison Privatizing Spurs Protests

Jun 15, 2015

  Turning California prisons over to private operat0rs is bad enough, but giving them an additional tax break is going too far, say some fiscal watchdogs. Suzanne Potter has more.

Caravana 43

The 43 Mexican college students who disappeared last fall during a police assault on their demonstration in remembrance of a 1968 student massacre, have been declared dead by government officials, but their families dispute that. They’re now touring the United States to publicize the unresolved disappearance, and a group of them visited Sonoma County Tuesday.

Uproar Halts Supervisors’ Session

Jan 27, 2015

Angry and impatient Andy Lopez activists loudly vented their frustrations before county supervisors yesterday afternoon, forcing an early halt to the public comment period.

The text of the letter to Sheriff Freitas is reproduced here, with his response below.

September 9, 2014

Re: Letter of Concern

Dear Sheriff Freitas,

Police Tactics and Public Protests

Aug 26, 2014

What determines whether or not a public protest will remain peaceful or veer into violent confrontations? A new study underway at UC Berkeley suggests that police actions often make the difference.

The Koch Brothers and Bohemian Grove

Jul 18, 2014

  Past presidents and cabinet members, titans of business and popular entertainers are all among the elite visitors to Bohemian Grove each summer.  Lately their ranks have also included two other prominent and polarizing figures—the Koch Brothers.

Read the Bohemian Grove Action Network's full report on the Koch Brothers here.

Postal Workers Protest Staples Deal

Apr 2, 2014

  A deal between the US Postal Service and the Staples office supply store chain is coming under fire from the American Postal Workers Union, which is coordinating a series of protests at stores where that new partnership is being tested. The actions reached the North Bay this week, so KRCB’s Bruce Robinson talked with one of the workers involved to find out more about the issue.

'Andy's Youth' Set March, Call for Transparency

Feb 17, 2014

There’s no school today, due to the President’s Day holiday, so a group of students have planned and organized another public demonstration in Santa Rosa. They’re calling themselves Andy’s Youth, and the event is centered on renewed calls for transparency in the investigations into the shooting death of Andy Lopez. Here’s more about it on today’s Exchange segment.

 Today’s march and demonstration is slated to get started at 1:30 pm in Old Courthouse Square in downtown Santa Rosa.

Huge Beef Recall Questioned

Feb 13, 2014

  The sweeping order by the USDA earlier this week, demanding the recall of 8.7 million pounds of beef butchered by Petaluma’s Rancho Feeding Corporation—an entire year’s output—has sent shock waves through the North Bay’s meat producers. Many are customers of the respected Sonoma County facility, and deeply skeptical about the federal agency’s action.  On today’s Exchange, KRCB’s Bruce Robinson talks with one of them.

Councilman Faces Lopez Protestors

Dec 12, 2013
Juile Combs

Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy Erick Gelhaus, the man who fatally shot Andy Lopez, was returned to desk duty this week, a move that triggered a new round of protests on Tuesday. One group of demonstrators poured into the Santa Rosa City Council meeting that evening, disrupting it and prompting a majority of the council members left the room. Gary Wysocki was one of the two who stayed, and he recounts the events as he saw them unfold on this edition of The Exchange.

Black Friday at Wal-Mart

Nov 28, 2013

  Black Friday isn’t about shopping for everyone. Mhana  Mason, an activist with Occupy Petaluma, is organizing a public demonstration outside the Wal-Mart store in Rohnert Park to protest the company’s personnel policies. She talked about it beforehand with KRCB’s Bruce Robinson.

Santa Rosa March for Andy Lopez

Oct 29, 2013
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  One week after 13-year old Andy Lopez was shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy, a huge crowd marched through central Santa Rosa Tuesday in protest. KRCB’s Bruce Robinson was there.

Another march and demonstration, calling for Justice for Andy Lopez, has been set for Wednesday afternoon in Roseland, beginning at 5 pm.

Jeju Island

Oct 23, 2013
Nicholas Sismil

 One of Santa Rosa’s Sister Cities is actually an island, where construction of a big new naval base has drawn persistent protests.

While the protests outside the Jeju Island naval base persist, filmmaker Regis Tremblay holds scant hope they will change anything, especially as the South Korean government cracks down on the dissenters.


Hunger Strike Protests Solitary Confinement

Jul 17, 2013

For the second time in three years, California State Prison inmates are staging a widespread hunger strike. And the core issue remains the same—too many men in solitary confinement for too long.