An Anxiety Survival Guide for Teens (and Others)

Nov 28, 2016

From big tests to small slights, teenagers encounter potential sources of fear, worry and even panic almost constantly. Some skills to deal with those anxieties are the core of a “survival guide” written specifically for adolescents.

Perfectionism is another common source of anxiety--for people of all ages.  a good way to ease those worries, suggests Jennifer Shannon, is to broaden the idea of success.

How the Internet Changes Thinking

Mar 22, 2015

The Digital Divide isn’t just about online connectivity; it’s also a reflection of cross-generational differences in navigating the world through the Internet.

These differences in mental processing are manifesting most visibly in the modern workplace, suggests Dr. Ofer Zur, through a breakdown in the old hierarchical management structures.


  The emergence of “digital natives” has become a global phenomenon, observes Zur, one that is not limited to highly technological societies.

Recognizing Micro-aggressions

Nov 17, 2014

  Overt racism is on the decline, but in its place has arisen something that is more subtle and often unconscious. The term for it is “micro-aggression.”

  Much of the time, suggests Santa Rosa psychologist  Dr. Marco Lopez, casual “micro-aggressions” are more  thoughtless than intentionally disparaging.

But the person on the receiving end of such remarks, Lopez continues, is going to recognize their hurtful nature, even if the speaker doesn’t.