The Russian River is Different in Mendocino County

Aug 25, 2016
Russian Riverkeeper

  Most of the public access to the Russian River lies along its lower section. But this week, a group of river stakeholders, are kayaking through that upper reach, an outing instigated by Sonoma County Supervisor James Gore. Craig Anderson, Executive Director of LandPaths is a co-leader of the current four-day trip, and he gave us this summary of the high points from their second day on the water.


Take one step into Marin County’s Muir Woods and it’s easy to see why so many visitors trek to the national monument that lies just north of San Francisco. But the popular park has been experiencing overwhelming visitation the past few years. KRCB’s Tiffany Camhi reports a plan to manage traffic and parkgoers is making slow progress.


Courthouse Square Tree Removal Questioned

Jan 7, 2016
City of Santa Rosa

Plans for an updated and reunified Courthouse Square in downtown Santa Rosa will mean the removal of some trees--perhaps several dozen—including some of the towering redwoods. That may be a point of contention as the project moves forward.

  Santa Rosa City Councilman Gary Wysocky says he understands the concerns being expressed by the defenders of the Courthouse Square redwoods, but feels they are a bit premature.

  California State Parks manages two properties totaling 6600 acres in western Sonoma County. But the process of preparing a plan for that management is only now getting started.

Both Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Preserve and Austin Creek State Recreation Area are overdue to get General Plans. But it is still uncertain if combining those documents for the two adjacent properties is the best approach, says Michelle Luna, who heads the non-profit Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods.

Armstrong Grove Pipeline Project Stirs Controversy

Dec 8, 2014

  Plans to replace a 60 year old water pipeline that runs through Armstrong Grove are facing questions and opposition from defenders of the ancient redwoods there.

Sukovitzen is opposed to the current state parks plan to rebuild the water pipeline that runs the 1.1 mile length of Armstrong Grove. But he says an earlier proposal was even worse.


Coastal California Owes Much to its Famous Fog

Aug 7, 2014
image courtesy of Flickr user Volker Neumann

Rolling coastal fog is part of the fabric of life near the Pacific Ocean. These low, damp clouds cool the area, while supporting agriculture and wildlife. Researchers are now working on measuring the value of fog, even as climate change makes its future uncertain.  


A Defender of the Redwoods Tells His Story

Jun 13, 2014

Greg King, a one-time Sonoma County journalist, has spent the past three decades working to protect and preserve the remaining old growth redwood forests of Northern California. His book detailing that history—both his and the trees’—is a work in progress, but he’s offering a preview in a talk on the Sonoma Coast this evening. Here, we get a preview of that preview.

New Growth in Old Redwood Grove

Nov 8, 2013

One of the quiet wonders of western Sonoma County is the Grove of the Old Trees, a 33-acre stand of ancient redwoods that has been preserved and kept open to the public since 2000. And it will soon be getting bigger, as LandPaths Executive Director Craig Anderson explained to KRCB’s Bruce Robinson.

Renewing Redwood Forests

May 14, 2013

The redwood forests of the North Coast evolved over many thousands of years, but it takes a small fraction of that time to remove them. Now the question is, how long is needed to regenerate the logged forests, and are we willing--or even able-- to grant it?