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Mendocino Temple Holds Secret of Immigrants Past

Oct 17, 2017
Kwan Tai Temple altar
Sarah Reith

In the latter half of the 19th century, the village of Mendocino was home to one of the few large Chinese communities on the Pacific north coast. Mendocino’s Chinatown burned in 1910. Since then, its history has been pieced together through interviews and scraps of documents. Historian Jeff Kan Lee and reporter Sarah Reith took a tour of the Chinese Taoist temple in Mendocino one recent Saturday afternoon.

 This story originally appeared on KZYX, Mendocino.

Irwin Keller
Congregation Ner Shalom

Last week, we visited with Reb Irwin Keller of Cotati’s Congregation Ner Shalom. He told us about Rosh Hashanah, which starts the Jewish New Year. The period of reflection which began with that holiday ends this weekend, with the observance of Yom Kippur, the "Day of Atonement." Keller talked with news director Steve Mencher about one significant aspect of this High Holiday – beginning at sundown Friday.

Learning About Islam From ‘The Muslim Next Door’

Nov 3, 2016

Who better to educate Americans than about Islam than a southern California girl who grew up to be a lawyer, scholar and writer on the subject?

Reconciling Faith and Feminism

Sep 22, 2016

Islam vs. Feminism: the False Dichotomy was the topic of a talk given Thursday afternoon at Sonoma State, part of the feminist lecture series there. On her way to the campus, the speaker also visited KRCB to explain her topic and how she came to it.

This issue is hardly limited to Islam, notes Sabina Khan-Ibarra. She also contributed to an anthology that addressed it across multiple faiths.

'Of One Soul' Marshalls Resistance to Islamophobia

Aug 25, 2016

  A  local grass-roots interfaith effort to countermand anti-Islam rhetoric is gaining momentum, support, and recognition.

The "Friendship Not Fear" letter is still collecting signatures online here. David Hoffman, chair of the Interfaith Council of Sonoma County outlines its message.

Inside Costa Rica’s Ban on In Vitro Fertilization

Jun 17, 2015
Azul Films


   Costa Rica’s vote to ban in vitro fertilization in 2000 was a political decision, but one with some painful personal impacts.  Both are traced in a bay area filmmaker’s new documentary, which comes to KRCB television Thursday night, just in time for Father's Day.

While Gabriella Quiros’ Beautiful Sin has been getting shown at festivals, and on some public television stations in this country, she is looking forward to taking it back to her homeland soon, where she expects it will generate a lot of attention.

A Survivor Remembers Jonestown

Nov 20, 2014
Laura Johnston Kohl

  It’s been 36 years since more than 900 people died at Jonestown, a remote outpost in the South American country of Guyana. But for one former People’s Temple member, the memories remain raw.

  Today, Johnston Kohl says she sees the People's Temple differently than she did at the time, but also from a broader perspective than most.

Persecuted for Practicing Falun Gong

Oct 13, 2014

  The ancient Chinese practice of Falun Gong promotes “truthfulness, compassion and tolerance.”  But for Enzo Guo, following that path as a youth in China meant persecution, fear, and ultimately, flight to the United States. 

  Although he spent three months in a Chinese prison, Enzo Guo knows he was fortunate to get out at all.

Even running away to the United States did not stop the Chinese police from looking for him, Enzo recalls. That’s largely why he is still here now.

An Ancient Artform in the Modern World

Jul 9, 2014

  A 4,000 year-old art form is alive and well in a Santa Rosa Orthodox church. In this story from the KRCB archives, the North Bay Report visited an artist who was applying that ancient technique to a contemporary building in Santa Rosa, in December, 2005.

Local 'Wretch' Heading for Edinburgh

Apr 27, 2014

  A local writer’s autobiographical one-man theatrical piece has enjoyed a warm reception at a series of performances around Sonoma County. Now he’s preparing to take the show on the road… rather a long road.

To get to Edinburg, David Templeton has launched this online  crowd-sourced fundraising effort.