No Nukes Peace Boat Sails into Bodega Bay

Jun 15, 2017

Almost 60 years after it first sailed into the South Pacific to protest nuclear weapons testing, the sailboat Golden Rule is spending the weekend in Bodega Bay with an updated message on the same issue.

Following their arrival in Bodega Bay this morning, the crew of the Golden Rule will host a public forum on nuclear policy Saturday evening will be in Santa Rosa. See this link for details

Sailing by the Stars Alone

Jun 18, 2014

  The earliest sailors on the vast Pacific Ocean found their way to and from small islands with only the stars to guide them. So how did they manage that? A special new show at the SRJC planetarium this summer holds some answers.

The new show, opening Friday night, is called Star Compass:  Polynesian Wayfinding. It runs through July 13, and you can find additional details here.