Timothy O'Neil

Tonight at 9 pm! Get a good dose of special guest Timothy O'Neil and his beastly bruthas, live in studio on KRCB's North Bay Songwriters Radio Show. He and the boys will be singing some of his crafty tunes, as well as giddying up on the mic to tell us about all the TOB's newest project and future gigs. And, of course, a healthy stew of 'locals only' diddies to fill out the big pot of North Bay audio artistry.

Connections 3: a compilation of Northern California musicians  

  Brand new for 2017! 

Twenty tracks donated by some of our area's finest bands and singer-songwriters. Artists include: Kate Wolf, Banana, Buzzy Martin, Michael Capella Band, Cori Wood, Dirty Cello, Greenhouse, Greg Scherer, Hank Levine, HUGElarge, Jay Gottlieb, Joanne Rand, Jon Gonzales, Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally, The Pulsators, Tone Bent, Teresa Tudury, Timothy O'Neil....