Brown Signs Equal Pay For Women Law

2 hours ago

  ALSO: The California Supreme Court is considering whether the Legislature should be allowed to put non-binding “advisory” measures before voters.

Today's reporting by Ben Bradford and Ben Bradford.

  For creative freelancers, the sales side of their business is often the most challenging. A new smartphone app, under development here in the North Bay, is out to make that easier for them.

Find the Brief website here.

Governor Brown Signs End-Of-Life Legislation

Oct 6, 2015

  California will soon be the fifth state in the nation to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives with a doctor’s assistance.

Today's report by Ben Adler.

  As the “gig economy” expands in Sonoma County, new co-working spaces are opening to serve those workers and meet a growing demand. 

  You can read the Economic Development Board's report on Coworking in Sonoma County here.

The first co-working space in the county opened in Penngrove back in 2008. WE profiled it in this archived North Bay Report.

  ALSO: The California Supreme Court will hear arguments this week about whether Proposition 49 should have been taken off the ballot last election, and whether it can return.

Today's reporting by Ben Bradford.

  Technology and social media are enabling freelancers and other one-person businesses to prosper and proliferate, empowering individuals and changing the nature of employment. 

  Innovative software and increased connectivity are fueling the growing Gig Economy, says analyst Steve King, but that can be a mixed blessing.

At the same time, adds Joshua Simmons, Community Manager for O'Reilly Media, social currents are driving entrepreneurial people of all ages to explore this individualized approach to work.

Top California Air Official Backs New EPA Ozone Limit

Oct 2, 2015

  ALSO: New water conservation numbers in August show Californians cut back their use 27 percent compared to the same month in 2013.

Today's reporting by Ben Bradford and Amy Quinton.

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Farm workers will soon be enjoying new protections from pesticides.

This week the federal government released new rules extending the pesticide protections enjoyed by most Americans to farm workers. But, as KRCB reports, the changes in California won’t be as drastic as elsewhere.

New Poll On Tax Initiatives

Oct 1, 2015

  ALSO: Air Resources Board Plans To Cut Non-Carbon Emissions

Today's reporting by Ben Bradford.

  The Mental Health Reform Act of 2015 is one of three similar bills awaiting action in Washington, D.C that have the potential to support and expand mental health services here in the North Bay.