Special Guest Clementine Darling on North Bay Songwriters - Thursday at 9 pm

Join special guest Clementine Darling on KRCB's North Bay Songwriters Radio Show for some jangles and jibberish. The emergent songstress will offer us some live tunes and give us some scoop on her live shows and more… More? Yes! After Clementine, I'll be slinging the North Bay's best tunes from the star-studded scene 'round here including tunes from the upcoming release of the first North Bay Songwriters compilation CD to benefit this local NPR station, so hang out online www.krcb.org or tune...

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This week on Milk Street Radio, NPR's Maria Godoy reports on pop-punk band Shonen Knife; we travel to Taipei, to a cooking school that teaches street food; our recipe for shaved zucchini salad; and dry versus sweet wines; does coffee cause cancer?; Pakistan's Martha Stewart; pisto; and quick yogurt sauce.

Overcoming adversity alone is a tough road to hoe but when you act with others it’s not as difficult. There is nothing like solidarity. There’s unity and strength in numbers. Most movements have very modest beginnings. Take women’s rights. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and a handful of other woman met in Seneca Falls in Upstate New York in 1848 to launch the women’s rights movement. The odds were against them. The naysayers were out in force with their patronizing comments such as: Why bother? Don’t get involved.

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At 76, Paul Simon has been writing music for more than 60 years. And all that's about to come to an end.

His farewell tour closes in just a few weeks in Queens, New York, not very far from his childhood home. And even though he recorded five studio albums with Art Garfunkel, made 14 solo albums, scored a film and wrote a Broadway musical, it's actually been a few years since Paul Simon has written a new song. As he says in this incredible and candid conversation, the future of his artistic life is something he puzzles about.

On September 10th and 12th Sonoma County will test emergency alert and warning systems. During this testing period, residents and visitors may receive a phone call, an alert on their mobile device, or experience interruptions in local radio and television. After the tests, Sonoma County Emergency Management will study any gaps in the existing systems and make improvements for a safer, more prepared County.

So I've already answered a question that's been popular in discussion of this upcoming Something Completely Different show, namely...are these your four favorite women? Not really. I think I may have met Joanne Rand sometime, but questions like these have become more and more difficult to figure out. Let's say...I've heard a lot of all four, though I'm far from being a completist for even one of them. I do know that 

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Stories about one person single-handedly taking charge of a situation gone wrong—including one man's mission to rescue two kids who were kidnapped by alleged murderers and taken to Mexico, and another about a professor's mission to keep the educators of a liberal arts college from extinction.

Ry Cooder has been playing music for fifty years, with everybody from The Rolling Stones to Neil Young, and made some pretty impressive albums along the way. He’s found inspiration from gospel and blues, but also some of his own personal revelations. He joins the World Cafe to play some songs from his new album, Prodigal Son, and to talk about how he first started listening to music, how he was inspired by a talent scout in his early career, and how he brings his beliefs into his music.

Heated Supreme Court hearings, an explosive book, and an even more explosive anonymous op-ed. Putting a wrap on a tumultuous week in Politics.

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Finn Murphy has logged over a million miles hauling people's belongings across the country.  His memoir, now in paperback, is filled with insights about life on the road, the subculture of truckers and the attachment people have to their possessions. Join us.

We're on the road again, dialed into high-flying honky tonk as we cruise through Texas cotton patches and Midwestern pastures of plenty. Starting off in Illinois farm country, we meet up with Margo Price, who followed her dreams of songwriting to Nashville, Tennessee. She put her name on the map with songs about growing up in rural America, and has since dug in her heels while singing about a landscape of gender and economic inequities.


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